Published On : Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

Rs.15 lakh bribe case: Absconding PSI Rathor arrested

Ganesh Jayaswal, Umakant Rathore and Harshal Rathore

Ganesh Jayaswal, Umakant Rathore and Harshal Rathore

Nagpur: The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) sleuths on Sunday caught the missing Lakadganj police sub-inspector (PSI) Umakant Rathod, wanted for demanding 15 lakh bribe from a godman. The ACB had arrested Umakant’s lawyer brother Harshal Rathod, 27, from Yavatmal and Ganesh Jaiswal, 55 on Saturday red-handed accepting the bribe on his behalf. PSI Rathod has been remanded to police custody till November 21. Sources informed that Umakant is claiming that he had not fled but had gone out of town to investigate a case.

PSI Rathod is a native of Yavatmal. The complainant godman was booked for theft by Lakadganj police six months ago. He had allegedly fled with 5 lakh of one of his devotees. The godman was granted interim bail by the court and Adv Harshal Rathod was his attorney.
The investigation was being done by PSI Rathod and to absolve the godman, he demanded 5 lakh bribe. He, however, increased his price to 15 lakh afterwards and was even prepared to accept demonetised notes.

The godman then complained to ACB and the subsequent investigation found PSI Rathod guilty.

PSI Rathod had instructed the godman to hand the bribe to his brother Harshal Rathod near Tekdi Mandir on Friday night. Adv Ganesh Jaiswal also accompanied godman to the designated place, where they were caught red handed by ACB. PSI Rathod however went out of sight as soon he learned of the development.