Published On : Sat, Jul 29th, 2017

Rs 1 cr Hawala cash let off under City police station, PI’s role alleged!

Nagpur: A famous food “Gali” in Nagpur City has synced into whispers of big Hawala nexus that has been operating from the area for the last couple of days. However on an usual day in the dark of night it was a routine hawala transportation but a city police area under whose jurisdiction this Gali comers got a whiff of that and the squad led by PI of the Police Station rushed to the spot. The cops has intercepted the Innova car and recovered Rs 3 crore in cash, allegedly meant for Hawala delivery to a well-known trader in the vicinity. Sources said that the PI got the tip off about the big hawala deal at the set spot. Well prepared, PI along with his junior cops reached the spot. However the crime in the dark was well kept under the wraps.

Reliable sources informed that the seized currency was let off from the spot in lieu of a big deal of Rs 35 lakh. Sources close to the incident told Nagpur Today that of the total kickback of Rs 35 lakh, PI took Rs 15 lakh, while rest of the amount was distributed among the cops.

The said PI has been in the limelight for his antics on subordinates about bringing out more money from their respective beats. The incident happened around 10 days back. Insider information revealed that when the matter was leaked out, few of the journos also called up PI to inquire. However, sources said deal was further cut between PI and them to keep the news buried. Nagpur Today has learnt from the reliable sources that PI has been trying hard to cover the goof up.

Sources added that the said “Gali” has been the hot bed of Hawala trading and police station under whose jurisdiction area comes has been monitoring the activities for the last couple of days. Finally the police succeeded in getting the tip off about the eventful day.

Sources close to said police station informed that PI has been running the police station on his whims and fancies and pressurizing his subordinates for bringing more cut to his kitty.

If sources are to be believed than more skeleton are going to come out in coming days.