Published On : Fri, Jan 8th, 2016

RPF cracks down on 82 pestering hijras in running trains

Railways acted tough against 5088 offenders on various counts during year-long drive. Rs 22.30 lakh fine recovered. 185 passengers sent to jail.

RPFNagpur: The gangs of trutiyapanthis or hijras or kinnars (transgenders), who are normally cold-shouldered by people in general and passengers in running trains particularly, however, faced a crackdown by Railway Police Force (RPF). During the year-long drive from January to December, 2015, 82 of the pestering hijras faced the music and were awarded punishment ranging from heavy fines to jail terms. Apart from the transgenders, hundreds of other passengers too faced the action on various counts including without ticket travel, improper tickets etc during the drive. Railways recovered fines to the tune of Rs 22.30 lakh from the culprit passengers. In all 185 passengers who failed to pay the fines were sent behind bars.

The RPF is assigned the responsibility of providing safety and security to train passengers as well as railway property. During the year-long crackdown, the RPF acted tough against 5088 persons at Railway Stations and in trains. 30 passengers were booked for pulling chain without valid reasons. Similarly, 10 dalals indulging in black marketing of tickets got the stick.

Following is the break-up of action against the offenders:

  • Unauthorized vendors: 894
  • Garbage, filth spreaders: 39
  • Creating hurdles in Rly work: 15
  • Roaming in Railway stations: 668
  • Vehicles crashing on Rly gates: 23
  • Encroaching in ladies coaches: 2743
  • Encroaching in viklong bogies: 535
  • Unauthorized parking: 42
  • Staging agitations: 11

A total of 5088 offenders faced action during January-December 31, 2015 drive. A whopping Rs 22.30 lakh fine was recovered from them. And 185 culprits who raised their hands to pay the fine were sent to jail.