Published On : Sat, Oct 28th, 2017

Roshanlal ka Samachar

Nagpur: The lovers of theatre in Nagpur got a treat on the 21st of this month in the form of a play called Roshanlal ka Samachar. The play, a satire, was staged at the Chitnavis Center and was well received and appreciated by all those who were present. It was a rib-tickling representation of the deep-seated desires and dreams of every middle-class person who is the only bread-winner in this family, and how he tries to fulfill his wishes.

The story revolves around Roshanlal, an ordinary office clerk. As his retirement approaches he is aspiring to become a rich businessman. So strong is his desire to achieve success in business that he dreams about it in his sleep too. In this dream he sees that he has achieved all he ever wanted to, but with huge intangible losses. He has lost all the warmth and charm that relationships bring. His family, along with him, become victims of materialism. Thus, the play reveals the dark side of materialism through satire and comedy.

Roshanlal ka Samachar has been adapted from a Bangla play. It was presented for Nagpurians by the Drighanchu Theatre group that has been serving the city’s theater goers for almost two decades.

Director Raja Mukherjee was able to bring out the best of the characters of the play from each member of the cast. He essayed the role of the main protagonist himself and earned plenty of critical acclaim from the viewers.

Nivedita Majumdar excelled in the role of Roshanlal’s wife, Renu, while Chinmayee Champati enacted a bubbly but sensible character that of their daughter Pooja.

The remaining cast was played by Kartik Rao as Jaggu Dada, Shobit Potphode as Santosh, Mr. Giridhar Kuware as the Bada Babu and Tanay Thakre as Ashutosh.

All the actors brought their characters to life on the stage and were immensely appreciated by the audience. The play was well supported by the superior background music and the lighting effects.

Kudos to Drighanchu Theater! Their next play is eagerly awaited by all cultural enthusiasts of Nagpur.