Published On : Sat, Jul 3rd, 2021

Roll back LPG Cylinder Price. -Dr. Anees Ahmed.

Ex Cabinet Minister Dr. Anees Ahmed today expressed shock and dismay after, Modi Govt increased the cost per LPG cylinder for domestic use by ₹25.50.

Dr. Ahmed while mocking the Government said that now the Government would be required to roll out plans to give loans to common man to buy LPG Cylinders and in providing that also Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be taking credit.

Anees said while graph of all businesses in nation are showing down ward trend, Modi’s government and LPG prices in 2020 to 2021 is on a phenomenal high: Nov 30, 2020: ₹594; Dec 1, 2020: ₹644; Jan 1, 2021: ₹694; Feb 4, 2021: ₹719; Feb 15, 2021: ₹769; Mar 1, 2021: ₹819; July 1, 2021: ₹834.

Anees said this surely proves Modi hai, to mehngai mumkin hai!”

Anees said, the government has forgotten even its basic moral values when in times of pandemic, crores of jobs have been lost, families are facing difficulties in having basic meals in such testing times, government has increased LPG cylinders prices which would not be tolerated and should be immediately rolled back immediately.