Published On : Tue, Oct 23rd, 2018

Road widening may ease traffic woes in Mominpura but displace many residents

Nagpur: The traffic mess between a stretch of road between Mayo Hospital and Sunil Hotel is likely to ease to a great extent as Nagpur Municipal Corporation has undertaken widening of the road by 18 metres. Even as it is a welcome decision to douse the blaze of heavy traffic, the move could jeopardise livelihood of many residents as they will have to migrate to other places. The road widening threatens to displace the residents staying there for years.

The NMC administration has already completed the survey. The Gandhibagh Zone office of the civic body has also started issuing notices to the project affected residents. Through these notices, the projects affected are offered extra FSI and TDR. If the affected residents reject this offer then they would be given compensation in proportion of the land they would lose for the project as per the new Land Acquisition Act.

The residents and shop owners are worried about the consequences this road widening project. “We are familiar with the traffic woes that occur in our area. However, this project will relieve the problem but has put question mark in front of the residents as far as livelihood is concerned.

Rather than creating such chaotic situation for residents and vendors in our area the civic body should think some other alternatives. The ongoing metro initiative will ease the traffic. Once the metro starts, it will eventually ease the traffic on the said road. So why give trouble now?” Ejas Khan, who owns a food stall in Mominpura, told Nagpur Today.

However, Ejas is not only the one. It is expected that 450 properties would suffer losses due to the work. Within 15 days after receiving the notices, the project affected residents have to reply it. However, he also mentioned that he along with many other people are yet to receive a notice.

– Shubham Nagdeve