Published On : Thu, Oct 15th, 2015

Returning Akademi Awards issue: ‘Embarrassed cat scratches a pillar’


Government and litterateurs are viz-a-viz on blame-game

Sripad Bhalchandra Joshi
: The returning of Sahitya Akedemi Awards by litterateurs in protest against rising incidents of murders of litterateurs, growing disorderly environ and communalism is still continuing. In the opinion of litterateurs the present government has utterly failed to protect the country, and they think that their returning of awards may satiate their agony and awaken the government from its slumber over untoward happenings.

Now, the situation is such that there have cropped up competitive verbal attacks between litterateurs  and the government. The government has gone to the extent of doubting the mind-set of the litterateurs. It may well be judged from the statement of Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley made recently. He said in his face-book, “Many writers are being influenced by leftist ideology as well as Nehruvian thinking although the Congress has gone weak and the leftists marginalized.”

According to him, the awards were conferred on them (writers) by the previous governments, and those who used to oppose Narendra Modi when he was Gujarat Chief Minister, are now opposing him when he is the Prime Minister. He felt surprise over the situation while the incidents are taking place in the states ruled by other political parties, the Centre is being blamed for it.
Similar views are being held by Union Minister Mahesh Sharma against those who are returning their awards. According to him the dissatisfied litterateurs could have talked to the government rather than registering their protest in their own way. He also doubted their mind-set which need a thorough scrutiny.

Even the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh holds the same view-point about the litterateurs. RSS Sarkaryavahak Bhaiyyaji Joshi during a function in the city said, “Those writers who are returning their awards need verification of their authenticity.”
The incidents of social atrocities or killing of writers/ authors did happen in the past, but no litterateur expressed such a protest. Such a twist in the attitude of writers/ litterateurs is spoiling the environment of the nation. Political pundits believe that litterateurs are behaving in the unexpected way due to elections in Bihar.

While the verbal attacks are on rife between the litterateurs and the government, the Nagpur Today came across certain litterateurs in the city to seek their opinion on this count, which are as follows:

Vasant Tripathi: While the society is being communalized, the litterateurs are not wrong to express themselves. It is not a question of any ideology, in fact the government is disowning her responsibility. If the government links the public-support with some particular ideology, does it mean that the government is not with the public?

Sripad Bhalchandra Joshi: This is only the way of expressing anger and dissent left with litterateurs, and it is good that present situation is being discussed. Dabholkar and Pansare were not connected with politics. However, the litterateurs may be influenced by any ideology across the world, and there is no harm in it. The current protest is against the prevailing ideology in the country.
Dr Govindprasad Upadhyaya: I feel that there can be some mode of registering protest as well, which can be more effective, rather than returning the awards. In the community of litterateurs, there should be better option to register the protest which may form impact on government as well as society. Surrendering the awards won’t help much. The power of pen and organization can be effective tools for protest. I wish that the face of current situation should change.