Published On : Mon, Apr 13th, 2015

Resort staff conceal suicide attempt by 24-year-old girl in Kanha from police

Nagpur: An incident which occurred at Kaushalaya Resort, Kanha (Madhya Pradesh) a 24-year-old girl had attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself by the fan in a room allotted to her at the Resort on April 11, 2015 at around 8:30 pm.

Guests present at the Resort during the time of the incident reveal the name of the girl ( Nagpur Today  choose not to disclose) and she identified as a resident of Nagpur. Girl had gone to the resort for a 3-day picnic organized by a event management company for a Nagpur based Ford Car dealer, where she is working.

However, nobody knows why she had taken this extreme step of attempting to commit suicide by hanging herself in her room from the hook of the fan. Since there were other colleagues from the same Company, they succeeded in saving the girl .

Some people present at the Resort claimed that somebody had done something wrong with the girl . The Manager of the Kaushalaya Resort, Kanha (MP) did not reveal the details of the incident. The Manager is said to have urged and helped the Nagpur company personnel along with the girl to leave the Resort as soon as possible to avoid harassment from the police. He claimed some or the other customer will soon complain to police station.

Nagpur Today contacted Nagpur based Company to ascertain the above. However, the company officials denied of any incident like this occurring at the resort. The company official claimed that there was only a very heated argument between two male employees which must have been misconstrued as something else by other customers.

Nagpur Today also spoke to the said Victim who refused to comment on the said matter, eye witness present at the spot contacted Nagpur Today and gave the complete version