Published On : Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Replace mediocre academic programme, stresses Chitra Ravi

Nagpur: India is a country of more than 15 lakh schools failing to awaken the extra-ordinary human potential in every child. There is an urgent need for a reform in the system, before another generation is lost to an inadequate education system that focuses on job readiness instead of focusing on the child, stressed Chitra Ravi, CEO and founder of Chrysalis, a leading organisation in educational reform. She was speaking at workshop on ‘Brining a reform through classroom for human potential. The event was organised in Radisson Blu yesterday.

The event was attended by principals and directors of the prestigious schools of Nagpur like Centre Point, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Narayana Vidyalaya, Modern School and others.

Chrysalis aims to reach every child in India with this model of education through a multi-channel approach that involves an open source framework to be launched in 2018 that can be integrated into mainstream curriculum in school and they aim to work closely with central and state government.

Speaking further Chitra emphasised on replacing mediocre academic programme messenger textbooks, whose outcome is limited to just understandings and applying academic concepts.

She further said that education resolves around 4 domains, which are values, cognitive, social, and emotional learning. Educational institutes focus more on cognitive learning and fail to achieve other 3 domains.

She also mentioned, ‘every child is born with excellence’ and it can be enhanced by new techniques of learning. She commented that education was not business.