Published On : Fri, Jan 17th, 2014

Rent defaulter tenant tries to kill landlady’s daughter-in-law, son

The accused Madhukar Haribhau Mankar (46) has been arrested for attacking Amrapali (28) with the heavy cloth washing wooden bat and smashing her head with the bat leaving her profusely bleeding and collapsing in Santoshi Mata Nagar.

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Hudkeshwar police have arrested a man on the charges of attempt to murder two persons including a woman.

According to reports, the incident occurred in Santoshi Mata Nagar under the jurisdiction of Hudkeshwar Police Station. The accused Madhukar Haribhau Mankar (46) has been staying as tenant in the house of the complainant Shantabai Jogi (50). Madhukar, who works in a welding shop, had failed to pay the rent to Shantabai since October owing to his poor financial condition. But non-paying of the rent frequently triggered heated exchange of words between Madhukar and Shantabai, her two sons Ashish, Vaibhav and her daughter-in-law Amrapali (Vaibhav’s wife). The daily dispute over non-payment of the rent had put the accused Madhukar under tremendous pressure and tension. Madhukar was not only confronted by Shantabai and her sons, but his wife, too, was quarrelling with him over non-payment of the rent. This factor forced Madhukar to drop his wife along with two kids to her mother’s house just a day before the incident.

According to reports, the frequent arguments between the accused Madhukar and Shantabai took the worst turn on Friday (January 17). The disturbed and tensed Madhukar went fanatic and attacked Amrapali (28) with the heavy cloth washing wooden bat and smashed her head with the bat leaving Amrapali profusely bleeding and collapsing. Shantabai’s son Ashish who noticed Madhukar attacking Amrapali brutally, tried to save her but got assaulted by Madhukar. Ashish was also injured seriously.

Shantabai and her son Vaibhav immediately rushed Amrapali and Ashish to a private hospital Cure It where the condition of Amrapali is stated to be critical and battling for life. Hudkeshwar police team, led by PI Wasudeo Wandhre, reached the spot and arrested Madhukar on the complaint of Shantabai Jogi. Further investigations into the matter are underway.

The gruesome attack on Amrapali by Madhukar has left the nearby residents dumbfounded and has turned a hot topic of talk in the area.