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    Published On : Fri, Dec 4th, 2015
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    Reenactment of Advocate’s death proves suicide theory

    Nagpur: In order to establish what and how the deceased Advocate had committed suicide and in order to dispel the doubts of many who opined that this is certainly murder and not suicide, the Crime Branch personnel led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjankumar Sharma, Senior Police Inspector Anil Katkede brought an effigy or dummy attired in Coat, pant and shirt to be dropped from the seventh floor window to reenact the suicide on December 4, 2015.

    The entire operation started right at 9:30 am so that the premises are not yet abuzz with activities and they would be able to reenact the suicide without any hassles. The effigy or dummy attired in Coat, pant and shirt with the exact weight measurements (around 80 kilograms) was filled with sand. The cops dropped the effigy from the ledge of the seventh floor window.


    Senior Police officials including Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjankumar Sharma, Assistant Commissioner of Police Nilesh Raut, Senior Police Inspector Anil Katkede, three officials of the Forensic Laboratory (Crime Scene Investigators led by Mali and other personnel of the crime branch worked using all their talents and skills in reenactment of the suicide. Two official panchas (as per the new government resolution) were present to give their statement of the time and manner of reenactment of the suicide.

    Some of the findings include:

    1. The foot-prints of the deceased matched the foot-prints on the seventh floor ledge.
    2. The deceased was mentally very disturbed based on the statement of the Superintendent whom the deceased had encountered in the last few minutes.
    3. The police personnel who had picked the body claimed that the body was very cold inferring that the deceased was dead long before the cops found the body.
    4. There was a lot of blood that had oozed from his nose and other parts of the body which had got soaked away by the moist or wet ground on which the deceased had landed.
    5. The Post-Mortem report had mentioned that multiple fractures of multiple bones and ruptures or severe damages to multiple organs of the deceased as the cause of the drop from the seventh floor to ground.

    However, still some of the points that raised queries in the minds of the onlookers were:
    1. While the body was found very close (around 8 to 10 feet) from the wall (from where the deceased Advocate jumped) and around 4-5 feet from the adjacent wall, all the three attempts (dropping the effigy) resulted in the effigy landing away from the wall (around 13-15 feet).
    2. The position in which the body of the deceased Advocate was found was the feet pointing towards the north and the head towards the south (Image 1), while the effigy landed in East-West direction in all the three droppings (Image 2).img

    While the body was found like the one in Image 1, which is raising quite some doubts about the suicide theory
    3. The pant found in an opened position was claimed to be from the height of the drop which could be possible.
    The speculations of the suicide by the deceased Advocate has been proved by more than one findings.

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