Published On : Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

Reel action turned in to a real one for Kunal Kemu

Real action by kunal kemu
Life of actors seems to be very easy but in real it’s not as most of the time the situations make actors risk their lives to make the sequence look real.

One such unfortunate incident occurred during the shoot of upcoming movie Bhaag Johnny where Kunal Kemu and Zoya Morani where shooting for an action sequence. The sequence was where Kunal and Zoya had to escape by boat but as soon as the scene started something happen which made Kunal do stunt in real which was unplanned.

Zoya was already made to sit in the boat and Kunal had to run and catch it. But the motor man got confused and he started the boat before any cue. As a real hero, Kunal took risk and jumped to get in the boat which was already a bit away from the shore, only to complete his scene. Of course Kunal got injured after the incident, but he didn’t let the shoot get halt because as a true performer he believes that the show must go on.

This action sequence happened accidentally, but it turned out be quite appealing and so instead of taking another take, the director gave thumps up to the scene.