Published On : Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

Digital world ahead will depend on English, Chinese and Hindi: PM Modi

Bhopal/ Nagpur: “Devotion to language, be it one’s mother tongue, should never make you outcast, rather it should be uniting and embracing all. Its doors should always be kept open, for whenever its doors have been closed its development has been hampered,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while inaugurating the 10th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan being held at Bhopal on Sept 10, 2015.
Underlining the importance of Hindi, he asked himself as to what would have been his own plight if he had not been able to communicate in Hindi. He appealed to the citizens to first of all honour their own mother tongue and use Hindi liberally for the sake of national integrity as well as identity.

According to him, the Linguists believe that 90% of 6,000 languages across the world might become extinct by the end of 21st Century. He cautioned, “If we ignore this warning of Linguists and do not try to save the languages, we have to repent on the extinction of such languages as we repent today on extinction of dinosaurs and other creatures including the extinct species of plants and trees.”

Referring to developing digital codes and languages, as being studied by technical experts, the Prime Minister said, in the days lying ahead the languages like English, Hindi and Chinese will be in dominant position. He claimed that India has invaluable treasure of languages, and Hindi as Rashtra Bhasha would play a linking-role to keep all languages and dialects tied up in unison, and it would become stronger and stronger.

Salient features of PM’s address: Widely spoken language, Hindi—It is a Mahakumbh of Hindi at Bhopal—Rich in Knowledge—Responsibility of protecting its linguistic heritage—PM knows the power of Hindi—If PM had not known Hindi he would have never reached people—Hindi advances by linking people—Language is a liberal blow of wind—Language has consciousness like that in life—Hindi books and writings exhibited abroad—Sanskrut language is heading towards extinction—PM learnt Hindi while selling out tea, it can be easily learnt—Efforts should be made to link all languages, and Hindi can be base for it—Our language has reached many countries—Adopt good words of other languages—During China visit, PM found good speakers of Hindi over there—Mongolia has Hindi speakers—A lot of works is being done on Hindi in Russia—Film industry has major role in taking Hindi abroad—Hindi has a significant future—PM speaks in Hindi whichever country he visits—Even Obama and Putin also speak in Hindi, sabka sath, sabka vikas—How could society be understood without Fanishwarnath Renu, Prenchand and Jayshankar Prasad?—