Published On : Sat, May 16th, 2015

Reality Check : Cop threatening Scribe in front of CP office

Nagpur:  One would often encounter people who make a mountain out of a mole. Personal grudges and animosity often leads to the bitter revenges. Some people leave no stones unturned to malign the image of those people whom they personally consider as wrong doers.This could be what led to an issue raised in many newspapers in the city. The reports claimed that a constable from the city Crime Branch threatened a journalist in front of the office of Police Commissioner on May 14, 2015.

Reports in some vernacular newspapers reported that this is first of its kind incident in which a journalist has been threatened in the premises of Police Commissioner’s office. The reports went on malign certain police personnel in Crime Branch.

This incident happened when journalists were present in the office of Police Commissioner SP Yadav on Wednesday, when he had called for the press conference to report about the successful arrest of two of the five dreaded criminal who had escaped from Nagpur Central Prison.

During the press conference, the said Constable of Nagpur Crime Branch was also present. One of the scribes was standing in front of the door of Police Commissioner’s Chamber. It is alleged in the report published that the said Constable started threatening the scribe by saying, that he is a defaulter employee and that he has connections with criminals. It is alleged that such statements from a Constable had startled the journalist. The reports also alleged that the said Constable had used unwanted language while talking to colleagues on earlier occasions too. The reports had alleged that the constable had allegedly claimed that he is posted in the Crime Branch since he has a strong backing of some senior police officers. The reports in the news papers further claimed that constable went on to claim that no one can harm him in any way.

The journalist had promptly informed both the incidents to Police Commissioner S P Yadav, who in-turn promised the Journalists that incidents like this will not repeat in future. The Commissioner is said to have assured action against the concerned constable.

The truth

While clarifying the facts as they happened to Nagpur Today, the journalist whom Newspaper alleged was threatened claimed that he knew Constable for a long time. The journalist added that he was on friendly terms with the Constable and that they were having an amicable conversation and the said constable never threatened him.

So what exactly happend, he added that in the course of  friendly  conversation, the Constable was narrating to him ( journalist) that certain scribes do not like him and are hell-bent on maligning his image. The statement in verbatim was “Kuch Patrakar Toh Mere Peechey Hi Padey Hain” (Some Journalists are after my happiness and my job). While he was speaking, somehow, another journalist from a different local newspaper overhead their conversation and reportedly made a mountain out of a mole and went on to report a concocted story that the Constable had allegedly threatened a journalist.

Media personal from other Newspaper on hearing this news called the called the said Journalist  who  in question denied the allegations that the Constable had threatened him. He claimed that it is totally false and is purely concocted to take some personal vendetta.

While speaking to some media personal the Constable later claimed that many journalists had raised the issue of his being transferred to the Crime Branch recently. He claimed that he was just sharing the news with the Journalist who happens to be an old friend. He asked that why would any cop threaten a scribe and that too in the premises of the Police Commissioner’s office? No cop in his right senses would ever risk such an act. He alleged that certain scribes do not get along well with him because of his refusal to share certain crime news. This could be the cause of their behavior.