Published On : Thu, Aug 20th, 2020

RawMatt partnered with Tomesseto Achilles to convert cars into CNG in Nagpur

RawMatt Industries Pvt.Ltd. has launched the revolutionary change in Nagpur’s fuel system by introducing CNG gas nearly an year ago and so far have converted a very large number of vehicles into CNG excluding NMC buses and Dutta Meghe buses. RawMatt Industries Pvt.Ltd. had partnered with Italian Kit manufacturer Tomesseto Achilles to convert cars into CNG with best performance which has brought us to the topic why should you also look forward to convert your vehicle in CNG and we have included few testimonies from RawMatt’s customer to shed some light on this topic.

CNG cars have substantial increase in its mileage. By driving in petrol and diesel cars we add more pollution to the environment and suffocate ourselves although CNG is a 0 emission gas so it does not affect the environment and also gives 5 years of additional life to your vehicle. CNG cars are the highest selling cars in cities like Pune, Mumbai & Delhi. So, companies like Maruti and Mahindra have already launched CNG vehicles in Nagpur like, Wagon R, Swift, Swift Desire, Celerio, Ertiga & Maruti Eco and Mahindra Jeeto CNG. (These above Cars are available at Nagpur’s Maruti & Mahindra dealers)

Satish Kulkarni had converted his car to CNG before most other people come to know about it, we spoke to him and he said,”I have converted my vehicle to CNG at convenient price and got better mileage and better performance.” Hemant Dhalwale converted Honda Amaze and he said,“Extremely happy with my car’s performance and with the service provided by RawMatt Industries.” Pravin Itankar converted his alto told us, “100% satisfied with the service, I have call RawMatt during lockdown for some help and they reached at my place within an hour and resolved my problem, I have long runs every day so running on CNG had made me save Rs.3000 every month.”

Our operational pumps are at Wadi Naka No.10, Amravati Road, Nagpur & Near Automotive square, kalamna Road, Nagpur.
Our pumps coming at Khapri Naka, Hingna Naka, Ghat Road, Katol Road.
Kindly reach us at RawMatt Pvt. Ltd. – 1800120887744