Published On : Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Ravan Dahan will happen as usual at KP ground!

Nagpur: The suspense is finally over! With two days to go for Dasera the Sanatan Dharam Yuvak Sabha has been allowed to carry out the traditional Ravan Dahan at Kasturchand park this year too.

There was confusion and consternation among the organizers about this event after the Heritage Committee set up to grant permissions for organizing programs in Kasturchand Park had rejected permission for the Ravan Dahan that has been held there for 66 years now!

Now not just the committee, but police and Zilla parishad have also given permission!

It is learnt that the application for this event had been clubbed with 45 other applications and all of them had been rejected en block.

The Sanatan Dharam Yuvak Sabha applied again pleading their case and re iterating that this event has been going on for decades and Nagpurians look forward to it all year long.

They have been finally granted permission with some conditions.

A protective barricade has to be set up around 50 feet perimeter of the heritage structure.

There is to be no parking of 4 wheelers in or around KP ground. (The organizers have taken Bishop Cotton school grounds for parking of 4 wheelers. It is a short walk from there to KP ground.)

The Ravan idols…

It is not just Ravan’s ‘effigy’ that is burnt on Dasera, there are three of them who are ‘blown up’.
Ravan and his companions Kumbhakaran and Meghnath.

Ravan’s idol is naturally the biggest at 55 feet; Kumbhakaran is 45 feet and Meghnath is 35 feet.

The making of these effigies has been going on for the last 6 months at premises of the Yuvak Sabha itself.

Attention is given not only to the outward appearance which should appeal to all, specially children by looking fearsome enough, but also the contents inside.

Afterall when Ravan burns, it should be a spectacular show with light, sound and sparkles…