Published On : Sun, Aug 25th, 2013
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Rattled MSEDCL comes out with clarification over power supply to Kanhan Water Plant

Nagpur News: The Mahavitaran (MSEDCL) has come out with a clarification over a report flashed by the Nagpur Today titled “Tripping of power at Kanhan Plant gripping the citizens with acute shortage of water in plenty” on August 14.

“The power transmission lines, supplying electricity to Kanhan Water Treatment Plant which supplies water to Nagpur areas, developed major snags only 4 times since April, 2013. There are two transmission lines for supply power the Kanhan Plant. It means, even if a transmission line is hit by a major glitch, the power is transferred to other transmission line thus ensuring continued electricity supply to Kanhan Water Treatment Plant. Moreover, a snag rarely develops as the MSEDCL is very particular in maintenance and repairs of the transmission lines,” the press release issued by MSEDCL said.

The clarification is the fallout of the Nagpur Today report that had said, “The tripping of power/transmission for hours together is crippling the water supply to NMC’s  high-rise water tanks in Nagpur. The water is not reaching the specific levels in water tanks thus paralyzing the water supply to the entire residential areas in the North, East, and Central  Nagpur. The citizens in these areas have been baffled over the irregular water supply, and sometimes no supply at all when water is seen everywhere. The tempers are running high. And, the citizens are on the right side to blame the authorities for this watery dilemma.

However, the main culprit is Mahavitaran (MSEDCL). The frequent and long tripping of electricity/transmission is beyond imagination of a common man. The NMC’s Water Resources Committee Chairman Sudhakar Kohale has written 3-4 letters to MSEDCL informing the authorities of acute water shortage following frequent tripping hitting water storage at a specific level in the high-rise water tanks hard. But the MSEDCL, appears, has thrown the letters in waste baskets.