Published On : Sun, Apr 17th, 2016

Rashtriya Muslim Manch advises Shankaracharya to exercise restraint, avoid hurting of sentiments


The Convener of Rashtriya Muslim Manch Indresh Kumar has advised Dwarakapeeth Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand to think twice before issuing any statement as far as religious faith is concerned and avoid hurting the sentiments of people. “The Shankaracharya should first consult the society before making any religious remarks,” demanded Indresh Kumar. He had come to city to participate in the annual meet organised by Manch.

After women were permitted to enter sanctum of world famous Shani Shinganapur Temple breaking the 400-year tradition, Muslim community is also demanding permission for its women members to perform ‘Ibadat’ at its religious places. Commenting on the issue, Indresh Kumar said, “Time is changing and such demand is being raised in all religions. Instead of quarrelling over the complicated issue the religious scholars should sit together and evaluate the issue in view of changing times and arrive at an amicable solution,” said the Convener.

“The ongoing fracas over ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ chanting is unwarranted. Most of the Muslims even say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai.’ Islam too teaches worshipping (Ibadat) of one’s country’s land. The issue is unnecessarily being stretched. In fact, when Muslims say ‘Maadate Vatan Hindustan’ they say ‘Jai’ of the country. The only difference is of Hindi and Farsi language. The same slogan is also chanted in other regional langauges of the country. Could this chanting be seen by any other angle? asked Indresh Kumar.

Targeting the MIM chief Owaisi for opposing idol worship, Indresh Kumar said, “But when he addresses the election meetings he adorns garlands and also shouts slogans. Is this not an idol worship?”
According to Indresh Kumar, Rashtriya Muslim Manch is an independent organisation and making efforts to bring Muslims into mainsteram. Nationalism in the only steam in the country and Muslims have connected with this stream in a big way. This organisation has nothing to do with RSS. This organisation was born out of some people’s wise thinking and was formed after valuable advise of the then Sarsanghchalak late Sudarshan. The Manch, with the help of some scholarly persons, has published a book titled “Cow and Islam” to get rid of certain myths. In the coming day, a book “Yoga and Islam” will also be published. The manch, along with Muslim Community, has done some historic works such as unfurling of tricolour on August 15 and January 26, rendered ‘Jana Gana Mana,’ ‘Vandemataram’ so that safety and security of India is strengthened. At present, 1800 units of Manch are spread over 332 districts of 22 states.
The organisation, formed 14 years ago, is making its presence felt widely. The only aim is to ensure progress of Muslim community. In the annual meeting, the present issues in the country will be discussed. “Pakistan Zindabad,’ ‘India Go Back,’ support to Afzal Guru publicly are the issues of concern. Youths are getting attracted towards ISIS. All these issues will be discussed and solutions would be found, said Indresh Kumar.