Published On : Wed, Oct 5th, 2016

Rare Sextuple Bypass Surgery performed on Gazal singer Sakhawat Nishat by Dr Nikunj Pawar in Nagpur


Nagpur: Sheer luck, good friendship with strong bonding is what caused Ustad Sakhawat Hussain Khan Nishat Niazi to get medical intervention at the right time and got a very rare cardiac surgery performed on October 5, 2016.

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Dr Nikunj Pawar of Platina Hospital said that he has a very close personal relationship with a person called Kiran K Hada who is passionate about classical music including Gazals. He had a personal friendship with an eminent and global Ghazal Singer Sakhawat Hussain Khan Nishat Niazi. Nishat Bhai as he fondly known by his friend bears a concomitant relationship with Ghazal for which he is known across the country as well as abroad. His brilliant voice mingles with one’s soul and the gentle touches of his vibrant singing renders the audience in reverie.

Soon he became friends with Dr Nikunj Pawar too. The doctor and his friend had organized many programmes of Sakhawat Hussain Khan Nishat Niazi too. They have also enjoyed personal and private show of Sakhawat Hussain Khan Sahab.

Recently he was called for a programme of tree plantation drive held at the farm house of Kiran K Hada on October 2, 2016. After the programme, late in the night, Nishat Bhai claimed that he was feeling very uneasy and was sweating profusely.

Dr Nikunj Pawar who is a reputed Cardiac Surgeon in the city suspected something wrong and called him to his Hospital.

Dr Nikunj Pawar got Angiography performed on Nishat Bhai. Cardiologist Dr Pramod Mundra did the Angioplasty. The results were startling. The alarming results showed that Nishat Bhai was suffering from Critical Left Main and Triple Vessel Disease. Any Cardiologist or Cardiac Surgeon will consider this kind of patient as ideal candidate for Multi-Vessel Bypass surgery.

The family of Nishat Bhai left the decision of surgery entirely on Dr Nikunj Pawar.

Now the doctor had unique pressure. If the surgery is successful and the patient recovers fast, then the doctor is lauded, however, if things go wrong the doctor suffers ill-fame.

Therefore with all precautions, a surgery was slated on October 4, 2016. The Sextuple Bypass Surgery lasted for two and a half hours. Sextuple Bypass Surgery was performed on a beating heart. This is said to be a rare surgery.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Dr Nikunj Pawar explained about the Quintuple Bypass Surgery.

According to Doctor Pawar Sextuple Bypass Surgery is an open heart surgery done to treat severely blocked arteries that feed the heart. The procedure is a complicated one, and to truly understand a quintuple bypass, it is essential to understand the anatomy of the heart and effects of heart disease.

The Sextuple Bypass
The CABG procedure may be performed as an emergency, when the patient comes to the emergency room with significant chest pain and is diagnosed with severe coronary artery blockages. Typically, a cardiac catheterization is performed, then the CABG surgery follows if the surgeon feels that it will be effective. However, the vast majority of CABG procedures, including the quintuple bypass, are scheduled in advance. This allows time for pre-surgery testing that helps determine how many bypasses are needed, if the patient is healthy enough to tolerate the surgery, and their general state of health.   

Thanks to Dr Nikunj Pawar, the surgery was successful and Nishat Bhai is said to be recovering fast.