Published On : Wed, Mar 29th, 2023

Rare celestial event: Five planets march in unison as Moon joins the party


Nagpur: The people of the region including Nagpur City got a golden opportunity to see the rare celestial event. Uranus and Mars appeared in a straight line near the Moon. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Uranus marched in unison in the skies above us as the Moon joined the party to form a rare celestial group and appeared after sunset looking towards the western side of the horizon. The planets were best visible in the evening between 6:36 pm and 7:15 pm.

Such a rare phenomenon usually occurs when planets in the Solar System converge on the same side of the Sun at a particular time. Five planets have been poised to align to put on a rare show for sky watchers. Venus will shine the most among the five planets and has been seen even with the naked eye. Jupiter also shone brightly and was easily seen in the night sky.

Spotting Uranus and Mercury was less convenient. In the case of Mars, the planet remained higher in the sky than the other planets, so it was very difficult to see.

What makes this event even more interesting is that people were able to see the closest planet to Earth (Venus) and the largest planet in the solar system (Jupiter) together once again in the skies.