Published On : Wed, Oct 8th, 2014

Rapid Progress and Development in store for North Nagpur from Nitin Raut

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Nagpur Today: “Uttar Nagpur ko uttar dene wale uttar dayitva kewal ek hi Dr. Nitin Bhau hi hai”

Nagpur Today interacted with Diksha Raut, daughter of Congress candidate sitting MLA from North Nagpur Dr. Nitin Raut.

NT – If you could elaborate your Fathers’ poll campaign Schedule?
Dr. Nitin Raut wake up early morning at 6 or 7am in the morning and gets ready for pad yatra. As the office and home are nearby therefore he meet the visitors and other public. He interacts with everyone and tries to take decisions as much he can. He takes his lunch very late because of all public meetings. He doesn’t give time to his health and if he is not well then also he don’t take rest and is dedicated to his work. In evening meetings starts and do Jahir Sabha and give daily door to door visit.

NT – Are you part of any election core committee? And what is your role in that?
The core committee is managed by seniors and they take decisions. But Iam the youngest one the committee take and appreciate my opinion. They also want the youth to take part in development of politics.

NT- What are your plans for your father’s birthday on October 9?
Every year Maha Paritran Path is performed on his Birthday and this year also we will perform path at our home. But the well wishers show their affection and use to celebrate his birthday in their own way.

NT- During Nitin Raut’s tenure as Minister, what welfare schemes for women has he initiated?
Nitin Raut has brought lot of schemes for ladies, women and old ladies including reservation for women and Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojna for the widows and many more schemes. The office staff guides all the ladies and old women of North Nagpur for their benefit.

NT- On what issues or schemes for women, will you appeal to the women folks of north Nagpur to vote Nitin Raut?
Dr. Raut has brought many schemes for the improvement of ladies and women. There is exclusive women cell in which ladies staffs are employed and take part in helping them and bachat ghat yojna is carried out for the betterment of women and girls of North Nagpur.
Through Diksha Foundation, NGO I want maximum women and girls to get educated and develop their personality for the better development of girls, ladies and old women in our society.

NT- If voted to power again, what will be your demands for the welfare of the women?
This time I would like my father to take part in development to girls and women by giving employment and education to them. And will take programs for educating North Nagpur which is the basic need in present time.

NT- Do you support separate Vidarbha demand? If required, will you join the agitation for the same?
Iam in the support of separate Vidarbha because it will lead to the development and will generate more oppurtunities of employment for the youths of our Vidarbha.

NT- Will separate Vidarbha benefit the women in particular?
Yes, it will benefit the women in particular. Present time there is only need of opportunities so that separate Vidarbha will give benefits to the girls, ladies and old women of North Nagpur.

NT- Will separate state benefit the youth of Vidarbha?

Yes, there will be benefit of youth voters as the opportunities for employment and education will be increased.

NT- What will be your message to women and youth in coming out and using their voting right?
There is a request to all of the voters to vote Dr. Nitin Raut as he has taken part from last 15 years for the development and it should not be left incomplete. Therefore, vote and make him win, vote for “development”.

NT- The people of north Nagpur consider you as the political successor of Nitin Raut? What is going to be your Reaction?
According to me whole North Nagpur is successor who is representing Dr. Nitin Raut, it is not only me.
Diksha Raut said that “Uttar Nagpur ko uttar dene wale uttar dayitva kewal ek hi Dr. Nitin Bhau hi hai” and requested to all the voters of North Nagpur to vote the dedicated and hard working person Dr. Nitin Raut for the development of the society.

Nitin Raut

By Shipra Jha