Published On : Wed, Oct 8th, 2014

Lawyers seek Wasankar’s release due to incomplete charge-sheet

dr.prashant wasankar
In a severe jolt to the victims of the ponzi schemes launched by Wasankar and his cohorts, the lawyers of Wasankar, his brother and brother-in-law sought their release from Central Jail on the grounds that the Economical Offenses Wing of Nagpur Police failed to submit a complete charge-sheet.

Eleven complainants who were present in the court where the case is being heard on a day-to-day basis were shocked to observe that the advocates representing Wasankar and his cohorts vehemently arguing for the release of the accused.

What was depressing was that neither the Investigating Office Police Inspector Dane nor the Public Prosecutor was present in the court.
When the victims called them, both of them were fumbling in giving answers about the incomplete charge-sheet. What angered the investors or victims was that the Investigating Officer Police Inspector Dane nor the Public Prosecutor were seen openly hobnobbing with the lawyers of the accused, instead of opposing their claim of incompleteness of the charge-sheet.

The entire scenario displayed for anyone to see that the cops may have been bought out by the accused which was why a very weak case is being made and loop-holes like incompleteness purposely created so that Wasankar and his cohorts get away with the crime that they have committed.