Published On : Fri, Nov 22nd, 2013

Rape and Vacate: Mr Tarun Tejpal’s Idea of Repentance

Mr Tarun Tejpal, the now ex Editor-in-chief of Tehelka is indeed a trend setter. And I have reasons to say this. First the trend that Tehelka had set in the field of investigative journalism—the hidden cameras and the sting operations etc. etc.

And now we have another trend setting act by Mr Tejpal. First rape and then vacate.

Mr Tejpal has stepped down, from the post of Editor-in-chief for a period of 6 months after his “misconduct”. Although he describes this step as atonement, I call it pure nonsense. What else should we call a half a year vacation for leaving a scar of a lifetime?

Mr Tejpal said in an email sent to Ms Shoma Chaudhury, “I must do penance that lacerates me”.

Mr Tejpal—Are you kidding all of us? Do you really think we are going to buy your melodramatic words? If you really believe that 6 months gap from your work is a punishment enough for your dirty deeds, I would want to spit straight on your face. And let you know that you are a dirty man with a dirt filled brain that needs to be cleaned up—which can be done only by the law of the land, not 6 months’ “vacation”.

Mr Tejpal—your act becomes even grosser because the victim involved was your close friends daughter and your daughters friend. The victim was someone who considered you a father figure.

Mr Tejpal—I am least sorry to tell you that you are in a fix, a huge fix which you will not be able to fix your entire life.

I went through the letter which the victim had written to Ms Shoma Chaudhury. And all I can say is that Mr Tejpal has committed an extremely filthy act for which he deserves the harshest punishment.

I am more than glad, that despite the victim’s reluctance on seeking a judicial probe into this matter, the Goa police have lodged an FIR against Mr Tejpal and soon coming to Delhi to further investigate the matter. The minimum punishment would be 10 years in jail and maximum would be life imprisonment.

Mr Tejpal—would this be enough to lacerate you? Yes Mr Tejpal?

Mr Tejpal—you need to be ridiculed and punished very severely. Because if you are not, you are going to set a new trend—of bosses/colleagues raping colleagues and then immediately going on a few months’ “vacation” to enjoy, I mean to “expiate”.

::: By Arshiah Parween ( mail to )