Published On : Thu, Feb 16th, 2017

Ramtek ASP Matani cracks Rs 56 lakh iron goods theft

Ramtek police under Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Lohit Matani cracked Rs 56 lakh iron goods theft after painstaking investigations of over a month. The task was achieved in a secret intelligence based operation. It took the cops 1 month and 8 days to detect the crime.

The details of the case are, on the early morning of January 6, 2017, a gang of 10-12 persons came in a truck and attacked the security guard of factory of DLS Ltd in Chichala Village, Ramtek Tehsil. They bashed up the security guard and two other persons with him mercilessly. Later, the gang forcefully entered the premise of the factory and picked up 250 iron mould and 25 iron plates. The stolen material was loaded in a truck and took away. They left the security guard and two wounded persons bleeding and on their fate. The mould and plates were imported from China and were quite expensive. They were made of high temperature, high pressure withstanding iron. The mould and plates were used to press raw bamboo into furniture grade bamboo. The factory was kept closed for more than 6 months due to constant loss.

After the FIR was registered on 6/01/17 at Ramtek Police Station, a police team made many efforts to search the accused and the stolen goods. However, the painstaking efforts paid dividend only on February 14 when the police raided the warehouse of Pankaj Sahu and found a part of the looted property. The complainant identified the property and claimed that it was his own. The stolen moulds and plates were cut into various small pieces using gas cutter and then pressed. The gang of 10-12 accused used to steal iron property, cut them into pieces and then sell them to medium scale iron and steel factories to make new iron and steel products.

The ASP Lohit Matani, Ramtek was the investigating officer in this case. The police have received a PCR of 6 days from a court to identify the other accused and the truck used in perpetrating this crime. Police also need to recover some amount of the property also.

The police team which detected the crime consists of ASP Lohit Matani, PI Manish Thakre and Head Constable Umesh Thakre.