Published On : Thu, Jan 8th, 2015

Ramesh Singare tipped to be next Chairman of Standing Committee to fit the BJP plan


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The Health Committee Chairman Ramesh Singare has been tipped to be the next Chairman of Standing Committee of Nagpur Municipal Corporation. The tenure of the present Chairman of Standing Committee Balya Borkar is coming to an end after two months. According to the well-planned move the BJP’s Parliamentary Affairs Committee had promised to make Ramesh Singare the next Chairman of Standing Committee, said the sources.

On the other hand, the tenure of present Chairman of Standing Committee Balya Borkar was marred by various elections. What remains to be seen is the manner of functioning of former Corporator Bandu Parve. Advisor of Ramesh Singare, Prafull Farkase will once again assist him as his Technical Clerk.

Prafull Farkase has been working with many Chairmen since years. The powers Farkase wielded in the past many years ostensibly rendered other staff of the office of the Chairman of Standing Committee to the status of almost dummy-officials, added the sources.

Balya Borkar feels the crown as thorny one:
The day Balya Borkar became the Chairman of Standing  Committee, he had found himself in troubled waters. The cause of trouble was that the administration never bothered to give Borkar the importance he deserved in both status and finances as well. He had allegedly aired his displeasure by saying that the Party had made him the Chairman of Standing Committee just as a showpiece in the show of NMC. He also allegedly had claimed that had he invested his time and money in some business, he would have succeeded and reaped the benefits, said the sources.

Sources say that Borkar was left red-faced when he allegedly claimed that more than 100 files are pending with the City Engineer and another high ranking official. These two officials had failed to send the files to the Standing Committee as the rules demand. Some of the officials of Standing Committee have allegedly claimed that Balya Borkar does not know how to get work done that is why he had been deprived of any importance in NMC. Balya Borkar had continuously bombarded his officials to perform but it seems nobody bothered to follow his diktats, claimed the sources.

Farkase more powerful than Balya Borkar:
A very lowly Technical official Prafull Farkase has been ruling the roost in the office of Chairman of Standing Committee for years. So powerful has he become that one would wonder whether the office of Standing Committee was run by him or the Chairman. The department’s officials too feel suffocated by Farkase’s bullying tactics. Farkase could not be transferred to other department even by the Municipal Commissioner for reasons best known to him or other bosses said the sources.  Even the officials, office-bearers, and Corporators feel that meeting opportunist Farkase for their work instead of Balya Borkar will suffice. They feel that Farkase has more experience than Balya Borkar in moving files, getting work done and “recovery of funds,” said the sources.