Published On : Sat, Mar 13th, 2021

Rajendra Jaiswal won the medal in Dubai IRONMAN 70.3

An Ultra runner and Ultra Cyclist Rajendra Jaiswal has won the medal in Dubai Ironman 70.3 ( 1.9km swimming, 89 km Cyclingand 21.1km running)in 8.19.58 hours in odd conditions with Never Give Up attitude.

In his words….

“Dubai Ironman was scheduled on 12th March 2021. A day before the event I went for sea swimming but sight was horrible because it was choppy, waves were very high and I never had experience of swimming in such a worst condition. Idea to leave the event came to my mind but I thought let’s try it. In 33 minutes I did just 1 km and gulped the sea water two times also.

Event day I decided not to panicked, just go cool after finishing 1.5 km swimming I decided to increase the pace, when I finished it, I was breathless and in transition I vomitted, medical team advised me to take rest but after few minutes I decided to go for cycling but due to vomitting I was dehydrated and not able to cycle in speed, strong sunlight was also killing me and when I was finishing the cycling, at the last aid station I poured water on my head, volunteers also did the same but due to cold water , severe cramps started in my both quadraceps.

At the finishing point I wasn’t able to stop cycle and fell down. After few minutes I started running but due to cramps I was simply walking and after one hour I was able to complete only 5 km so my mind was saying to quit, suddenly my friend Harshad Patil met and gave rock salt tube and it really did wonder due to which I was able to walk and run. Finally I was able to complete in 8.19 hours and won the medal. Thanks God due to your blessings I didn’t quit.

My this Ironman 70.3 win I am dedicating to my Mentor, guide and trainer Dr. Amit Samarth for his world record of cycling 6000 km in Golden Quadrilaterals.

Special thanks to my swimming guru Indrajeet Khadilkar, Harsad Patil for timely help, wife Vinita, my friends Dr.Sunita Dhote and Sadhana Papadkar for their encouragement.”

Rajendra Jaiswal had also won medal in Bahrain Ironman 70.3 in December 2019.

He has a world record of non stop running 81 km with Tirangaa in hand in 12.5 hours.

He also has a world record of non stop running 85 km in drawing room in lock down period. He has also won medals in 100 and 161km trail run.