Published On : Sat, Oct 4th, 2014

Raje comes clean on Varanasi property deal, says dubious persons conspiring to usurp it

Adv Pradeep Deshmukh, representing Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsle, debunked reports on the Varanasi’s Bhonsale Ghat property deal and termed it is a well-planned conspiracy on part of some dubious persons to grab property of Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale by fraudulent means.

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Nagpur News: In reference to the reports published in Nagpur Today titled “Nagpur’s Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsle, 11 others booked by Varanasi cops: Property deal fraud” and “Allahabad HC grants Raje Bhonsale four-week time to file reply in property deal fraud case,” the counsellor Pradeep Deshmukh, representing Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsle, son of late Raje Ajit Singh, wish to clarify on various crucial aspects published in the reports. In fact, Adv Deshmukh has contradicted the entire reports by saying that the facts, as reported, are far away from truth.

In fact, according Adv Deshmukh, it is a well-planned conspiracy on part of some dubious persons to grab property of Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale by fraudulent means.

Adv Pradeep Deshmukh says, “Shrimant Bhonsale Maharaj Nagpur’s Raje family owns the entire property of Bhonsale Ghat, situated on the banks of River Ganga in Varanasi. The property was constructed by the First Raje Raghuji Maharaj Bhonsale which is situated in the Hindu mythological city of Kashi. However, a deep-rooted conspiracy is being hatched for forcible sale of Bhonsale Ghat property in Varanasi. Adv Vishwanath Pandey was Power of Attorney of Raje Raghuji Maharaj Bhonsale (Now his Power of Attorney has been cancelled). Adv Pandey was given Power of Attorney on 26.2.2013 in which it was clearly written No Transfer Right/Not Sale. Through this Power of Attorney, a receipt of Rs 25,00,000 was written between Vishwanath Pandey and Arun Kumar Gupta that too only on a Rs 100 Stamp Paper. There is neither signature of Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale anywhere in this receipt nor he was aware of this receipt. Moreover, there is no title anywhere in this receipt. There is no mention of Agreement To Sale and this receipt stands nowhere in any legal framework. The receipt shows that Rs 25,00,000 have been received by Vishwanath Pandey only and Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale has nothing to do with this receipt. This matter is internal matter between Vishwanath Pandey and Arun Kumar Gupta. Delhi-based Arun Kumar Gupta is trying to forcibly purchase this property on the basis of this receipt. Forcible purchase of anybody’s property amounts to serious crime. On the other hand, Arun Kumar Gupta has threatened that if Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale does not sale this property to him, then he will send entire Bhonsale Raje family to jail. This threat has been issued by Gupta through an SMS. A temple of Shri Laxminarayan is situated on this Bhonsale Ghat and worship is not being performed since the past 50 years in this temple. But for maintaining the tradition, a priest has been appointed by Raje Bhonsale for worship and other rituals. Shrimati Avantika Gupta, a prominent citizen of Varanasi, has some rooms in this very Ghat and whose rent was pending since months. An arrangement has been made to put this entire collected rent into temple’s account. Similarly, an arrangement has been made to keep two rooms reserved for Raje family whenever they go to Kashi. Further, keeping the precarious condition of Bhonsale Ghat in mind, Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale has given Gupta the responsibility to maintain and repair it. This property has not been sold. In fact, the property has been saved from going to wrong hands. However, Arun Kumar Gupta is intending to forcibly purchase this property. When this fact came to notice of Vishwanath Pandey, he sent a cheque of Rs 27,50,000 (with interest) from his own Bank of Badoda Varanasi account.

Adv Pradeep Deshmukh further clarified that Arun Kumar Gupta was forcing and pressuring Vishwanath Pandey to sell this property. But when the property was not sold to him, Gupta filed a false FIR case. Subsequently, Adv Vishwanath Pandey approached Allahabad High Court and sought police protection to all those mentioned in the FIR. The High Court, in its 24.7.2014 order, said that the case is according to an agreement whose any of the terms has not been fulfilled. Therefore, the entire amount with interest has been returned and the case now pertains to civil matter. But the case is being forcibly given criminal case colour which is turning out to be an ordeal for concerned people. Moreover, it is wrong to say that summons has been sent to Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale on September 3. The concerned report was published without verifying the facts. This is also a untrue fact that Raje has been given four-week time to file his reply. Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale is petitioner in this case and Arun Kumar Gupta is respondent. The non-applicant has been given four-week time. This is not a fraud. When the matter is in Court, it is inappropriate to air an opinion or publish anybody’s opinion publicly. It is against the spirit of law.

It is absolutely wrong and baseless fact that Raje has taken Rs 82,00,000 from Arun Kumar Gupta. Rs 25,00,000 were taken by Vishwanath Pandey and he has returned, too. Arun Kumar Gupta has not provided information about to whom and when the remaining amount of Rs 57,00,000 was given. This means Arun Kumar Gupta is lying.

Varanasi police are also in dilemma. They have kept the matter pending until the Government counselor informs them about the status of the FIR – whether it pertains to Civil or Criminal matter. Police are facing problem as High Court has said it as civil matter and the case is still pending in the Court. This is the crux of this clarification, said Adv Pradeep Deshmukh, representing Raje Raghuji Raje Bhonsale.