Published On : Sat, Aug 31st, 2013

Rajasthan woman rescued from prostitution racket in Nagpur

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Nagpur News:

The Lakadganj police have succeeded in rescuing a woman from the clutches of brothel runners and have booked three pimps including a man and two women in this connection.

According to police, the 30-year old woman, native of Rajasthan, was kidnapped by a man when she was bathing in a river of her village. The man brought her to Nagpur and was sold in the Red Light area (Ganga-Jamuna area). The woman was forcibly pushed into flesh trade. However, whenever the woman resisted, she was given an electric shock thus forcing her to be the victim of flesh trade.

The Lakadganj police have rescued the woman from the vice like grip of the women pimps Guddobai, Munnibai, and the male pimp Hansa and sent the woman to Mahila Sudhar Gruh (Women’s Rehabilitation Centre) in Nagpur. Police said, Guddobai and Munnibai run brothels in the Ganga Jamuna area. Earlier also, the Lakadganj police had taken actions against both the pimps. The Rajasthan native Hansa lures the poor and orphaned girls by offering them lucrative jobs in Nagpur and once in Nagpur he used to indulge in “deals” with Guddobai and Munnibai for a cost.

The rescued woman told police that she was kidnapped by Hansa and his accomplices two years ago when she was taking bath in a river of her village. Hansa and his henchmen took the woman first to Mumbai and then brought her to Nagpur and sold her to Guddobai and Munnibai at the cost of Rs 50,000. The victim woman tried to escape from the brothel several times but failed in her attempts. The pimps resorted to torture her by giving electric shocks and were forcing her in the flesh trade. Finally she succeeded in contacting the Lakadganj police who in turn rescued the woman from the ugly hands of the pimps. Police have booked the three pimps under relevant sections of IPC and are searching the absconding pimps Guddobai, Munnibai and Hansa.