Published On : Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

Raising income of NMC to be top priority of Standing Committee: Vicky Kukreja

Nagpur: Newly elected Chairman of NMC’s Standing Committee Vicky Kukreja while addressing the newly elected standing committee members and other member, said that the responsibility was bigger and greater. Raising the income would be their top priority. In the upcoming budget, the budget would be focussed on Green City. Facing challenges, he would do justice with his post. All-round development of North Nagpur would be his priority. Efforts would be made to get pending grant.

The outgoing Chairman of standing committee Sandeep Jadhav said that despite the financial crisis, satisfying all the partie, the development work of 400 crore were approved and that too with transparency. Now the party had spent now the responsibility was of the tax collection committee. He said, he would strive to fulfill this responsibility with success.

South Nagpur MLA and City President said that now Kukreja is chairman of the 12th standing committee of the NMC and so he should maintain responsibility with transparency.

The Mayor said that Municipal Corporation is the guardian of the city, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari are the protectors of the city.

MLA Milind Mane said that after 33 years, North Nagpur has got Standing Committee’s Chairman’s post. NMC’s Rs 250 crore grant is pending. All MLAs will make effort to get it, he added

Apart from this, MLAs Krishna Khopde and Girish Vyas also addressed the meeting. Opposition leader Tanaji Wanve said that in the course of his tenure, Sandeep Jadhav took care of all parties, similarly Vickey Kukreja will also do the same and emphasise on all round development.

Earlier, the election for Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s standing Committee were held on Monday afternoon. As per the strategy ruling party’s Deputy leader of Virendra aka Vicky Kukreja was elected unopposed as the Chairman of the standing Committee. It may be mentioned that in the general meeting of NMC held on 20 Feb the names of 8 new members of standing Committee were announced and among them was Vicky Kukreja’s name. From this it was clear that the party leaders had expressed their confidence in Vicky Kukreja looking to the forth coming Lok Sabha elections and made him the standing Committee Chairman. Now Kukeraj has to face the burning problems and do justice to all the parties for a successful tenure.

Earlier, the outgoing Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Jadhav also tried to fulfill the backlog of North Nagpur by giving adequate funds to corporators of North Nagpur during his tenure. Based on the number of corporators in the NMC Standing Committee, 12 are from BJP, 3 from Congress and one member of BSP.

Remember that according to the NMC Act, 8 out of 16 members had completed their term, in which BJP 6, Congress 1 and 1 member of BSP had completed their term were out by draw method. BJP took the resignation from its 6 members but Congress member Manoj Sangole did not resign, therefore, according to the rules, he would continue to be a member of the new Standing Committee. The BSP member also resigned from committee and gave a new corporator a chance to become a member of the standing committee.