Published On : Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014

Raising Day creates awareness among children: PI Bokde


Police Raising Day observed at MIDC Police Station

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Keeping this directives of the State Government’s approved observation of Raising Day of Maharashtra State Police in mind, MIDC police has also organized various awareness programmes from January 2, to 8, 2014.

PI M M Bokde while speaking to Nagpur Today said that these programmes are intended to showcase the commitment and devotion of the Police force to provide a safe and sound environment for women, senior citizens, minorities and socially under-privileged. He added that the MIDC Police Station performs its role with these objectives to the best of its capabilities. However, not everybody could be pleased.

The police station in-charge of MIDC Police Station said that they have organized a visit of the students of St Josephs School Jaitala, St Xaviers High School, MIDC & Balaji High School to their police station on January 2 & 3, 2014. In all around 1000 school students visited the Police Station. They showed police weapons and other articles of interest and curiosity to the school students.


The MIDC Police Station in charge Police Inspector M M Bokde interacted with the school students. He answered all their questions patiently. He also informed them of the working of the police machinery. He reassured the students, especially the girl students that they should remove the fear of Policemen from their minds. He advised the students, especially girls not to visit Gardens and other lonely places with young boys. He asked them to take precautions from young boys and if they feel threatened at any point, to call police for assistance on Phone No 100.

PI Bokde said that just as the doctor treats any discomfort or disease, when the patient goes to him/her, the policemen are also present to treat criminals in the society. They should remove the fears from their minds and come bravely to them, if they have seen or have become a victim of any crime. Unlike the pre-independence era, when the British police officials used to beat-up the Indians, the police personnel have undergone a sea of change and have become a government authority to maintain law and order in the society. This exercise is done to ensure and improve the quality of cordial relationship with the people at large and the Policemen.

While answering to some questions, he related a story of how a small school girl who witnessed the step-brother murdering his step mother (her own mother) with his bare hands and then make a noose and hanging her body from the ceiling making it look like a suicide in Washim District when PI Bokde was serving in Washim Police Station. The small girl witnessed the entire crime from below the cot when she was aged just 10-years-old. The girl was scared and frightened very badly. She could not relate the incident to anyone. She was in fact in shock and trauma. The police came to her house, conducted an inquest panchanama and had also registered a case of accidental death. The police had however a small doubt if it is suicide or murder. When the Post-mortem report came, their doubts were clarified that it was in fact a murder. The police did not have any lead and no witnessed. The small girl also could not relate about the murder since she was terribly frightened. PI M M Bokde said how he used various psychological methods to relieve the fear from the minds of school children taking advantage of the Raising Day celebration. The girl child eventually came forward and testified how her step brother had killed her mother. Based on the testimony of the small girl, when the police investigated the matter, the reality came to fore and the step brother was sentenced to ten years of rigorous imprisonment by the court. He gave many such examples to explain his points.


By Ravikant Kamble and Samuel Gunasekharan