Published On : Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

“Rainy Day” celebrations held at Green Heaven Kids’ School


Nagpur: Green Heaven Kids’ School keeps on concocting innovative techniques and styles with which learning could be made more rewarding and interesting. Rainy day is always a fun time for the kids if it is celebrated in the school. Moreover it makes the school environment light and mesmerizing for these unadulterated souls.

Instead of confining them to their class rooms, the students of classes Pre- Nursery, Nursery were brought out in open by their teachers with umbrellas and rain coats to enjoy the playful rainy weather. The kids really had a festivity time with their friends and teachers.

Principal Aboli Bidkar told that such activities assist them to become extroverts. Even the shyest student too will become friendly with everybody in such convenient and child friendly learning environment. Even otherwise at this tender age, they should be made to experience nature and its benevolences in order to be lovely and affectionate human beings.