Published On : Thu, Sep 17th, 2015

Rains play spoil-sport for Ganesh Mandals but fail to dampen spirits

Chitar Oli  (1)
Nagpur: While rains played spoil sport to be jubilant welcome of Lord Ganesha, where many band-groups which play sandal along with the organizers of Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandals. Many organizers had to settle down to a silent welcome to Lord Ganpati. But the Rain god failed to dampen the spirits of the devout.

Chitar-Oli saw a huge crowd with last minute purchase of Ganesh Idols. Many idols were still being given finishing touches. Chitar Oli is the one stop place where almost all the requisites of Ganesh festivities including Idols, Puja accessories and Decorative material are available. This led to the street becoming jam packed. The road to and from Chitar Oli too in-turn became jam packed and the traffic police had a tough time managing the traffic.

Chitar Oli  (2)
Plastic covers were sold like hot cakes. People who had purchased the Idols had to take the idols without it getting wet so plastic covers were in great demand. Small hand-carts, auto-three-wheelers, tractor-pulled trolleys too were in hot demand. The charges or rental got hiked with rains.

NMC’s Advisory
The NMC has put up notices at various corners of Chitar Oli requesting the devotees to immerse the idols only at artificial tanks placed at various strategic points.

Mayor’s Ganesh Mandal to showcase indigenously built satellites

While speaking exclusively to Nagpur Today, Mayor Praveen Datke said that this time, a unique show is going to be displayed in his Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandal. He said that while he has organized a replica of Mangal Yan which will be moving above the idol of Lord Ganesha, the pictures of other indigenously built satellites will be displayed on the pillars. Every-day evening between 7 pm onwards there will be documentary film show on the achievements of India in the field of space and technology. Mayor Praveen Datke claimed that he has also got an idol of Dr Abdul Kalam made which will be on display in his Ganesh Mandal.

Chitar Oli  (3)