Published On : Mon, May 26th, 2014

Raid on Pool Party at City Hotel; Case gets hushed-up

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One of the latest fads to cool oneself for the well-to-do youngsters of the city is the Pool Party. All that one has to do is throw in a good amount and get to enjoy the unisex pool party. All the guys and the gals get to freak out and splash around with complete abandon.  If the organizer or the hotel owners are well connected, booze slowly appears unhindered. Before long, the guys as well as gals get to booze without any restraints. Since it is paid party, stags (single) as well as couples get to enjoy the pool party. Promiscuous guys and gals get to enjoy themselves too.

However, often, some brash guy fools around with someone’s girl-friend resulting in violent altercations. The police, most of the times are well aware of such a pool party organized at the Hotel, but when is the “Well Connected Contact” come to use? Well it is such times, when the contacts are renewed with good amount and no case is ever registered nor are raids ever conducted on such premises.

The Pool Party organized at city hotel in Sadar from 3 pm onwards on May 25, 2014 was no different. Sources told Nagpur Today that this is not the first time that a Pool Party is organized at the Hotel and under-age boy and girls are allowed to imbibe liquor. No raids were ever undertaken by the Sadar Police Station till date. Even if the police did venture to the Hotel, the case is hushed up using contacts and moollah.



So much so that the SMS sent on mobile phones to potential youngsters who can attend the pool party ends with “Safest place for Pool Party”. Meaning youngsters can booze, fool around and behave in a manner unbecoming of Indian well cultured youth.

Source told Nagpur Today that to the surprise of every participant or attendee of the Pool Party, Sagar Chawla of Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Sena had gone along with some colleagues went to the hotel to check what is happening there. He noticed that around 800 youngsters were invited after getting Rs 2000 per person. Around 300 young girls dressed in colourful hot-pants and provocative dresses were dancing to the tunes of DJ playing loud music. When he and his colleagues objected to such behavior, the bouncers hired by the organizers tried to push them away. A hand-to-hand combat ensued and soon the Sadar Police was called and they arrived at the scene.

One version informed Nagpur Today that both the parties were taken to Sadar Police Station where a compromise was arrived at and no case was registered against anyone.



However the second version is one of the participants who, on condition of anonymity stated that a raid was conducted by Sagar Chawla of Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Sena who had allegedly objected to such lewd behavior and encountered the wrath of the bouncers. This made Sagar Chawla furious and called Sadar Police. The police officers of Sadar Police Station went to pool and allegedly rained lathis on the youths. The informant alleged that guys and gals ran helter skelter to escape being arrested by the cops.

After that the party was brought to a sudden end and the cops went to meet the management of the Hotel. What happened then within the cabin is anybody’s guess, cause; the sources alleged that the cops simply left the premises in their vehicles. No case was registered in Sadar Police Station.



Nagpur Today, rang the Sadar Police Station to enquire about the alleged raid, but was told that there was no such raid and that they never undertook any raid nor is any case registered against any one. This is raising several eye-brows.

Nagpur Today spoke to Sagar Chawla who alleged that 15-16 year old girls were wearing provocative dresses and were imbibing liquor and dancing. He said that the organizers should have ensured that underage children / youth do not participate in these kinds of parties. He added that on the whole, this kind of lewd behavior is against our Culture and tenets. This should definitely not be permitted and the authorities should take action against such organizers.