Published On : Fri, May 22nd, 2015

Rai Udyog theft case: CCTV footage captures thieves, turns out be Ex-employee close to MD

LIVE CCTV FOOTAGENagpur: A girl with Master’s degree in Technology (M.Tech) named Sweety* (*Name changed to protect the identity of the girl) joined Rai Udyog Builders as an Accountant. Sweety became the favourite employee of the boss. Former employees on condition of anonymity claimed that the Managing Director of Rai Udyog Builders fell in love with Sweety and pretty soon she started enjoying unlimited rights and powers.

Sweety started using her authority and power to harass any employee who dares to oppose her. She has ensured that some of the employees are also thrown out. One of the employees who were victimized by Sweety had played a mischief and had allegedly taken out her photograph from her Facebook account and morphed a picture of the Managing Director of the Rai Udyog Builders and pasted the pictures on the walls. This earned Sweety ill-repute. Sweety soon left the organization because of the ill-reputation she earned because of the pictures pasted on the walls.

pi picSimmering with anger, she vowed to take revenge. However, Sweety had assumed that the Managing Director of Rai Udhyog had some involvement in her getting ill-reputation.

With her pledge of revenge, Sweety contacted another girl called Reena* (*Name changed to protect the identity of the girl) who used to work with her in the office of Rai Udyog. Sweety briefed Reena about her plan to get a hefty sum stolen from Rai Udyog Builders. Reena contacted and set-up two goons to loot cash from the office of Rai Udhyog.

Since Sweety had prior knowledge of the CCTV cameras and the place where the keys were kept usually, she had directed the thieves to go with scarves tied on the face, keeping news paper in such a way to block the CCTV cameras from getting their face. The thieves had gone in, taken out the keys and stole the cash amounting to Rs 2.60 lakhs (According to police sources) and a ceiling fan.

Sweety had allegedly planned the entire operation and in order to hood-wink the cops, at the very time of the theft taking place, she was present in the police station lodging a complaint against those who had taken out her photographs from the Facebook account and after morphing them with the pictures of the MD of Rai Udhyog.

When the Managing Director of Rai Udyog came to know about the theft, he un-knowingly lodged a complained with the Ganeshpeth Police Station on May 10, 2015. After registering a case against unidentified thieves, under the guidance of In-Charge of Ganeshpeth Police Station, Police Inspector Sudhir Nandanwar, Assistant Police Inspector Anil Taksande was given the charge of investigating the case.

Assistant Police Inspector Anil Taksande is the very cop who had successfully solved many difficult and complicated cases like Khush Kataria, Monika Kirnapure, Yug Murder etc. Keeping his reputation intact, Assistant Police Inspector Anil Taksande and his team solved the case and brought to fore the real modus operandi of the Rai Udyog theft case.

When the cops apprehended the thieves, and questioned them, the cops found out that the mastermind of the whole theft, Sweety is the same girl who was present in the police station lodging a complaint at the time when the thefts took place.

However when the Police personnel of Ganeshpeth Police Station called the Managing Director of Rai Udhyog, and told him about the entire operation and the mastermind behind the theft, the MD got a shock of his life. He never even in his dreams thought that Sweety will plan to steal the money from him. He spoke to Sweety at length in the police station and finally asked the cops to remove her name from the report said sources. However the cops refused to get cowed down and reported the entire theft from the time of planning to the execution.

The thieves are identified as 1. Amol Madhukar Gadling aged 25 years and resident of Baradpaoni, Post Khadipawni, Tehsil Narkhed, District Nagpur, 2. Abhishek Shishupal Jaiswal aged 27 years and a resident of MHADA Quarters, Near Tukdoji Statue, Nagpur, 3. Mastermind Sweety Sankhede* (*Name changed to protect the identity of the girl) aged 28 years and Reena  Kokse* (*Name changed to protect the identity of the girl).

The Ganeshpeth Police has since arrested all the four thieves and presented them in the court. The Ganeshpeth Police Station got the Police Custodial Remand for both Amol Madhukar Gadling and Abhishek Shishupal Jaiswal, while Sweety and Kiran were granted Magisterial Custodial Remand.

Sources on condition of anonymity told Nagpur Today that the money stolen was not just Rs 2.60 lakhs but a sum which is more than double the amount reported by the Managing Director of Rai Udhyog. However, the police officials could only recover Rs 1.80 lakhs from the accused.

Sources also claimed that the case will reveal some more truths and will take a new turn. The lady thief Sweety is a hot-tempered girl and is very brilliant. She will definitely do something by which the entire case can get squashed, or may black mail the Managing Director or some-other person who will save her from legal hassles. Sources claimed that she is used to drink heavily during parties which were almost every evening.