Published On : Tue, Apr 28th, 2015

Rahul takes a train to Punjab to express solidarity with farmers

rahul-gandhi-1Already beleaguered and cornered on the new Land Acquisition bill they want passed in the Rajya Sabha Rahul Gandhi’s sudden tour of Punjab accompanied by Jyotiraditya Scindia has put a spoke in their wheels.

The rejuvenated Rahul is devoting his time and energy 100% to this issue and plans to go on ‘padyatras’ all over the country to adress the issue and press for the original 2013 Bill to be maintained.

Rahul plans to visit Khan Mandi in Punjab where farmers are very agitated over the damage to their crops and government authorities dragging their feet over giving requisite compensation.

When some of the newsmen tagging Rahul and competing to get news bites from him asked him ” The BJP is saying you are doing this for political mileage – is this true?” Rahul replied ” what does the BJP want me to do? Do everything non-political?”

In reply to other questions Rahul stated that the issue of the Bill is going to get bigger.

He said ” as I mentioned in my speech ( in Parliament) the farmer feeds us and cothes us. We cannot take his land away without his permission. We shall oppose this all over the country”.

Reacting to the news of the ‘train ride’ a BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivadi said ” they should stay put in Delhi and raise these issues in Parliament rather than going here and there”.