Published On : Mon, Nov 23rd, 2015

Rahul suspected Sheena Bora’s mysterious disappearance in his mail!


Sheena Bora murder mystery is now gradually opening to clarity with more startling revelations one after another and the latest in the series is the crucial mail by sent by Sheena Bora’s boyfriend Rahul Mukerjea.

In a surprise move, the CBI had arrested Peter last week , charging him with conspiracy to murder. The CBI said that Peter had known about the plot to murder Sheena all along and was in touch with Indrani Mukerjea on the day the crime was committed in 2012.

On May 28, 2012, almost a month after Sheena’s alleged murder, Rahul mailed Peter and Indrani, expressing his suspicions over Sheena’s disappearance.

Rahul himself had dropped Sheena off near National College Bandra on April 24, 2012, so that she could have dinner with Indrani – after which she never returned.

In the mail, Rahul wrote that he was not convinced with the break-up text messages he had received from Sheena on April 25, since there were past instances when Indrani had posed as Sheena and sent messages.

Rahul wrote: “The text messages that I have received from her phone on April 25 expressing her desire to ‘discontinue our relationship’ etc., I cannot fully accept as in the past there was an instance where I had received a text msg from you pretending you to be Pete (Papa) i.e. while I was speaking to him on the phone. I received an SMS from his other number. That was a bit of a giveaway as I am pretty sure that he wasn’t texting me an unpleasant message with one phone while I was speaking to him on the other!! That is the main reason why I cannot accept this SMS.”

Rahul also mentioned in the email that there were instances when Indrani had behaved questionably with Sheena.
“Then of course whatever happened in Delhi, where Sheena was given some unnecessary sedatives and packed off to Bangalore (instead of being sent home to Guwahati), where her bank account (joint account with you) was emptied and her phone was repeatedly disconnected. Thank God she had a few friends around in Bangalore at that time other than the chap you had sent her with,” the email said.

Rahul insisted in the email that things could only be clear only when Sheena would directly speak to him. He added that Sheena not “speaking for herself” was leading to doubts in his mind.

“Until I hear from Sheena herself, it is simply impossible to accept what you say with all this doubt in my mind. Unfortunately, said doubt is leading me to be somewhat suspicious as to the reasons why she will not, or is unable to, speak for herself.”

He added: “You mentioned that Sheena said she would contact you with her new number etc. after a week, and as a month has now passed, I’m sure that you can reach her if you need to. This is perhaps a case where you need to.”
In his email, Rahul said that he had sought legal advice and was warned that Sheena’s disappearance could lead to something “untoward”. He also questioned Indrani as to why Sheena did not take any personal belongings and why none of her close friends and family members had heard from her.

Rahul wrote that for some reason, “… the truth is being withheld” and that Sheena’s well-being is his only concern.
Rahul added (in all caps), “(The only questions that require an answer are: why has she disappeared (not just me)?? She apparently refusing to speak for herself)???”