Published On : Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

Rahul Gandhi prefers ‘Sach Bharat’ to ‘Swachh Bharat’!

swachh bharat

New Delhi: Trust Rahul Gandhi or his content team for coming out with some of the wittiest one-liners targeting his political arch rival and the epicentre of power at Centre Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Be it ‘suit boot waali sarkar’, or his tweet indicating Modi doesn’t lead by example or taking a dig at Modi by saying that ‘‘Emperor is naked but nobody has the courage to tell him’, Rahul Gandhi has certainly grabbed the media attention through his controversial yet tacky remarks.

Now in a fresh attack on Modi, Congress vice-president claimed the ‘Make in India’ programme has failed as most of the things are “Made in China”.

“Modi Ji gave ‘Make In India’ but most things are ‘Made In China’. Truth is that Modi Ji’s ‘Make In India’ has failed,” said Gandhi.

Alleging that PM Modi sells lies to the public, Gandhi said the Opposition must fight together to defeat the BJP. “Where ever he goes, Modi ji lies about one thing or the other, they (BJP) will vanish if we fight together,” he said. “Modi ji says he wants Swachch Bharat, I say we need sach Bharat.”

Gandhi was speaking at a convention organised by JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav in New Delhi.

Attacking the RSS, Gandhi alleged the saffron arm of the BJP wants to divide India on caste lines. “There are two way of looking at the country, one says this country is mine and the other says I am from this country. This is the difference between us and RSS. RSS says this country is ours, you are not from this land. In Gujarat, Dalits were assaulted and told they are not from this country,” Gandhi said.

He claimed that the RSS is attempting to change the constitution. “In the constitution it was written ‘one man, one vote’. Whatever the constitution guarantees, RSS seeks to destroy it. They want to change the constitution,” he said.
“RSS knows that their views are not going to win elections, so they have embedded their people in every institution… Till the time RSS hasn’t ruled India, they haven’t saluted the flag,” he added.

Gandhi also attacked the central government over the recent farmer deaths. “Jaitley says in the Lok Sabha that waiving farm loans is not this government’s policy. No matter how many farmers die, they don’t care,” he said.