Published On : Mon, Apr 20th, 2015

Rahul Gandhi calls Modi government suit boot wali sarkar

Achche din’ government has failed the country, says Rahul Gandhi

NewDelhi/Nagpur: The controversial Land Bill issue is expected to generate much heat in Lok Sabha with the government deciding to table the new land ordinance on the very first day of the second half of Budget session on Monday.

The Congress threw down the gauntlet to the Bharatiya Janata Party with a mega farmers’ rally on Sunday. After returning from a two-month long sabbatical to a mysterious place, an aggressive Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi set the tone by attacking the Modi government as anti-poor and pro-corporate.

Here are the highlights:

1. The farmer gave us green revolution, because he was provided with the idea of MSP

2. In our time agriculture grew, average increase in credit was 20% each year, “Ache Din” Govt has given only an increase of 5%

3. Their achche din govt (not my term, their term) has failed the people

4. You talk about strengthening the country, but what is the result of all this?

5. Your PM said he will look out for the farmers. How will you strengthen the country when the foundation is the farmers?

6. Someone from an NGO came to me two days ago, he had gone to Mr Gadkari. First I want to praise him (Gadkari), he speaks his heart. I’d like to praise Mr Gadkari, he speaks the truth, speaks his heart. He said that farmers shouldn’t rely on God or this government

7. He (Gadkari) spoke the truth; not to trust even God. As if that was not enough, MSP not enough, no govt support, bad weather is adding to that

8. BJP’s way is to say something here, something else there

9. Radha Mohan Singh (minister of agriculture) interjects Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

10. Rahul Gandhi resumes speaking

11. I want to give a suggestion to the PM, why doesn’t he look into the matter directly? He should look into the figures correctly

12. You know as well as I do, that the current govt is a govt that works for industrialists

13. Your corporate friends want land of our nation, you are weakening the farmers and then you will hit them with the ordinance axe

14. 14. You are making a big mistake. If you cause harm to the farmers, they will cause harm to you