Published On : Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

Rahul Bazaar raising questions on the motto of ‘Clean Nagpur, Beautiful Nagpur’

Nagpur: Although it has been three years since Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ambitious ‘Swachha Bharat Abhiyan’, it is evidently visible that Nagpur lags behind on the trail. On one hand several steps are being taken for Waste Management and on the other builders are not treating the waste materials generated properly and thus, polluting the surrounding. A similar case has been observed in Rahul Bazaar of Sitabardi.

As stated by the residents of the area, Roy Industries had constructed a multi storey building in which several shops were also constructed. The shops have been leased and on the top floor, ‘Rahul Bazaar’ was established. The construction company has not been taking any interest in resolving the issues which appear here.

Residents are compelled to climb stairs:
The construction company has also constructed flats in the building. The building has a lift which has never been operational. As a result, the residents are compelled to climb steps which create problems for ill and aged residents. They have already demanded for the operation of lift but, no action has been taken by the builders. They were, however, assured of free lift facility in the building.

Spanco is overlooking the whole case

Spanco has also been observed to be favoring the builders as it has not installed proper electric meters in the building. According to the rules, the electric meters in a flat or shop must be installed by predicting the electricity consumption. Although, the residents have complained of receiving more than expected charges of electricity, no action has been taken by the concerned authority. If the meters are replaced and installed according to the rules, Spanco will be undergoing a loss as a result of which it is not taking any required action.