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    Published On : Fri, Mar 21st, 2014

    Ragini MMS2 : Movie Review by Prashen H. Kyawal

    Ragini MMS2 : Pushes the Erotic Envelop Further and scares in climax

    Ragini MMS 2

    Ragini MMS2 is a clever product put together by a clever production house. It is a production house which focuses on getting its production budget right. Spending where required only and still creating buzz by having some or the other USP in their product. Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Motion Pictures and ALT Entertainment knows the pulse of her television and movie audience. While see is accused for her regressive serials on television, her cinema is bold and controversial. Ragini MMS was a small low budget film on the controversial subject of MMS at that time. So the controversy and cleverly planted stories of shooting in a haunted house were the USP to pull audience. Ragini MMS2 has Sunny Leone as the USP and relies on (or rather exploits) her porn star image, 2 chart buster songs and PR stories about erotic scenes in movie to guarantee a good opening for the movie.

    In Ragini MMS, a boy, Uday makes MMS of his girlfriend, Ragini in a remotely located house and it goes viral. Uday gets killed and Ragini is sent to mental asylum as she keeps on talking about some witch killing the boy.

    Ragini MMS 2 takes the movie forward and tries to answer the questions about the witch which were kept unanswered in the first movie. Writers Suhani Kanwar and Tanweer Bookwala take Balaji Motion Pictures’ own story of making a film on real life controversy about MMS and taking a porn star as actress. They mix it with the PR story created for first movie about having spooky experiences while shooting and create the plot for this sequel. So a full of himself Producer named Rocks (Pravin Dabas) like the idea given by his Film Writer Satya (Saahil Prem) and the decides to stay and shoot at the original location of the MMS incidence with his heroine Sunny (Sunny Leone) and others.

    While they are staying their and shooing the film, spooky incidences happen with many crew members including Sunny. But Rocky ridicules and pushes them to continue working. In the mean while, Sunny gets closer to Satya and love blossoms in them. In parallel, Ragini’s (Kainaz Motivala) psychiatrist Dr (Divya Dutta) is trying to get to the bottom of her story.

    So what happens to all of them is the story of Ragini MMS2. The story is repeated in many movies and but a good screenplay can still give birth to a great horror movie. But Screenplay of Ragini MMS2 is faulty and uninspiring. Still few comic scenes and witty dialogs are able to keep us entertained.

    Director Bhushan Patel takes inspiration from bad horror movies than good ones. Rather than creating a rock solid original film, he borrows heavily from Ramsay Brothers’ movies in past and new Hollywood movies. He gives laughable logic to facilitate suspension of disbelief, but those fall flat. He has kept the movie short and crisp with sharp editing by Editor Tushar Shivan and sprinkled it with erotic, horror and comedy scenes which keep us till the end. In second half, he gets the grip back and delivers a punch.

    The biggest problem with the film is casting by Aadore Mukherjee Mehra. Apart from Sunny, Divya Dutta, Sandhya Mrudul, Karan Mehra (As Karan, the Television Star), Kainaz Motivala and Anita Hassanandani, all other actors are misfits. Parvin Dabas hams, Saahil Prem proves he can not act, Soniya Mehra has nothing to do. Even bigger problem is Director Bhushan Patel failed in extracting good performances from the good actors also. Still Sandya Mrudul and Karan Mehra manages to impress in their respective roles. Karan gets lucky to have full blown hot shower scene with Sunny and Sandya surprises with the lip lock. Saahil Prem is the weakest actor in the film and we keep thinking how and why he is casted in a Hero’s role. Divya Dutta couldn’t do much as her role is weak at writing stage. Still she tries to keep things classy. Anita looks good in her heavily tattooed and pierced styling and does her job well.

    As far as Sunny is concerned, she’s USP Ragini MMS 2 and the film relies on her. She definitely burns the screen when it comes to steamy scenes and impresses in scary scenes. She is good in scenes without dialogs (no pun intended) but is flat in expressions in dialog driven scenes. I think 1-2 films with good Directors who can extract best out of their actors can carve Sunny into a good actress, but she is still not there yet. I read that this film is last Erotic film by Sunny but I will advise her against it. She enjoys great patronage by audience for her image. Till she transforms into an artist of substance, she will need this patronage to get audience to theatres and in turn to get more films to sustain her career.

    It’s good that film has few songs and 2 are already hit on the charts. Sunny sizzles in ‘Baby Doll’ by Meet Brothers and Yo Yo entertains with his swag in ‘Char Bottle Vodka’. Background score in horror films plays a significant role and Amar Mohile, who is by now expert in such projects, does very good work. Cinematography and VFX are good. Production quality is good enough.

    Overall, the film has few good steamy scenes, comic scenes and scary scenes but could have been great with better screenplay, casting and performances. Film has a good second half which gets you out of the theatre in satisfactory mood. However, if you watch western horror films extensively, you may not like this.

    Rating : 2-5-star-rating-hi

    Recommendation : This film is presented as Horex (Horror+Sex) movie. It pushes the envelop of on screen sex a lot further. Watching Sunny playing her forte on big screen is a different experience. It is a paisa vasool film for Sunny Leone and Indian Horror movie fans. I would say it is worth a watch if you can ignore the dull part, ham scenes and bad performances. Strictly for adults.

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