Published On : Sat, Jan 23rd, 2016

‘Radiation’ expose: Renowned hospitals found using X-Ray machines, indiscriminately


Atomic Energy Regulatory Board inspections bare the unpardonable acts perpetrated by private as well as Government hospitals in and around Nagpur showing utter disregard to health of patients.

4341-1aNagpur: Showing utter disregard to health of patients, hospitals in and around Nagpur, including Government hospitals, have astonishingly been found using radiology instruments indiscriminately and thus violating the norms formulated in this regard. Surprisingly, the hospitals are well aware of the rules and regulations but still are not giving a second thought on use ‘unnecessary’ of radiology tools. The most rattling as well as baffling fact that has come to the fore is that most of the renowned hospitals not only in Nagpur but in entire Vidarbha have been found violating the radiology norms, flagrantly. This unpardonable act got exposed when the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), a unit of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, inspected the hospitals. The disturbing scenario is not prevailing only in private hospitals but also in Government’s. The fact reflects the gravity of the situation all the more. It also puts a question mark on the working style of Government’s Health Department and its seriousness towards health care of the people.

The following facts clearly point out how the health institutes are playing with the lives of patients:


What were the shortcomings and the directives issued?

  • The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board carried out the inspections. It found that most of the hospitals had no licenses issued by the Regulatory Board at all. The licenses are issued by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board for use of radiology machines.
  • Most of the hospitals lacked AERB license to run Computed Tomography and Interventional Radiology Unit.
  • No AERB registration which is necessary for all diagnostic X-Ray Radiography machines.
  • No AERB sanctioned layout plan for X-Ray installation rooms.
  • Lack of AERB certified Radiological Safety Officer appointed in Radiology Department.
  • No sign of danger-showing red light and warning board outside Radiology OPD, Mammography BMD Installation.
  • No radiation status report submitted in specified form by Diagnostic Radiology Department.

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, after finding the serious shortcomings, issued warning letters to the concerned hospitals and directed them to get rid of the shortcomings in public interest as well as patients. Else the guilty hospitals could face severe action.

2012 inspections and action report:

  • Indira Gandhi Medical College.
  • Government Medical College and Hospital.

2013 inspections and action report:

  • Care Hospital, Nagpur
  • Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur.
  • Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur.
  • Mahatma Diagnostic Centre, Nagpur.
  • Galaxy Vidarbha Diagnostic Centre, Nagpur.
  • Asvin Imaging Centre, Nagpur.
  • CPH Centre Point Hospital and Research Institute, Nagpur.

Apart from the aforementioned hospitals, the AERB carried out inspections in hospitals of every district, including Bhandara and Sangli, in the State and action was initiated against them.

The provision for action:

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board has appealed the common people to remain alert towards their health issues and exercise their rights in this regard. Patients have been asked to get themselves assured whether the hospitals follow the parameters or standards set by it in connection with radiology. A patient could lodge a police complaint against hospitals if they are not following the AERB rules and regulations. There is provision of 5-year jail if the norms are violated.