Published On : Tue, Apr 30th, 2019

PWD bungle: A police station building moves from one jurisdiction to another

Nagpur: Administrative mess, lack of coordination and negligent babus resulted in a police station building moving from one area to another. Don’t be surprised. It happened in Second Capital City of Nagpur.

The story is that the Kalamna Market-based Kalamna Police Station is being shifted. For thism a proposal to build a new building was approved. Funds were also made available by the State Government. NIT provided land for the police station. Subsequently, Public Works Department started construction of the building. But when the construction of building reached half way, it came to the fore that it was being built on a land other than the allotted one. This plot of land comes under the jurisdiction of Lakadganj Police Station. Technically speaking, how can Kalamna Police Station function from Lakadganj jurisdiction? Lot of pondering took place! Till the matter is decided, the State Government has already spent Rs 50 lakh and the half constructed building is of no use. On the other hand, grabbing the opportunity the Lakadganj police took possession of the building and put up a board for opening a new post.

In sum, the bungle on part of district administration has come to the fore.

The episode:
The then Principal Secretary of Urban Development Department on July 17, 2015, had directed Nagpur Improvement Trust to allot lands for six police stations in city including Kalamna Police Station. Subsequently, for Kalamna Police Station building, NIT had made available a land in Khasra No. 14/2 of Mauza Pardi. However, since NMC has constructed a garden on this land, the Police Department turned down the proposal for this land. Hence NIT allotted a new land at Mauza Pardi Khasra No. 50/1 in Sonbaji Nagar. This land was acquired by NIT under Land Ceiling Act. According to sources, the owner of the land has approached court for return of his land from NIT. Since the matter was pending in court, construction police station building could not be started on this land, too. In the meantime, PWD started constructing the building for police station at a land in Khasra No. 3/3 of Mauza Pardi. According to NIT, even though the land was reserved for Police Department it has neither demanded the land nor NIT has handed it over to Police Department officially.

The Public Works Department, for reasons better known to its babus, started construction of building for Kalamna Police Station without sanctioning of the building map. Interestingly, when construction reached half way and spending Rs 50 lakh, it came to the fore that the land comes under Lakadganj Police Station jurisdiction. Kalamna Police Station cannot function from this area.

Now blame game has started. On one hand the PWD is trying to save skin of the guilty officer – the then in-charge officer Sanjay Indurkar and on the other, Police Department is scratching its head as how to start Kalamna Police Station from Lakadganj jurisdiction.