Pvt lab accused of ‘manipulating’ Covid-19 test reports, fleecing patients

Nagpur: As the Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc in Second Capital, tests are being done in large numbers at various laboratories of Government, NMC and at many other centres free of cost. Tests are being done in private laboratories as well. But complaints are pouring in that these private labs are fleecing the patients on one count or another. To pocket the extra bucks, some private labs are also indulging in dubious ways for fleecing the patients. Reports are being manipulated and the scared people are being handed over positive reports even though they are negative. An incident of such kind has come to the fore.

A resident of Guard Line, Railway Colony, Shahid Sheikh has levelled a serious allegations against Ramdaspeth-based Dhruv Pathology and Molecular Disgnostic Lab. Sheikh charged the lab of manipulating corona reports and looting the gullible citizens. Shahid Sheikh has filed complaints against the Dhruv Lab with District Collector, Municipal Commissioner and Divisional Commissioner and demanded stern action against the lab.

According to Sheikh, he is employed with an organisation in private sector. As a precautionary step, he had done Covid-19 test at Jaitala-based NMC’s testing centre on August 12, 2020. The test report was negative. Later, Sheikh’s office, on August 14, asked him to again test at Dhruv Pathology and Molecular Disgnostic Lab. In the lab, Sheikh’s RT-PCR test was done. Surprisingly, the test showed Sheikh corona positive even though he had no symptoms of the virus. Being a fitness trainer, Sheikh had his doubt over the test report. Hence he again underwent test at Pachpaoli-based Covid Care Centre on August 15. As expected, the test turned out to be negative.

Shahid Sheikh claimed that since Dhruv Pathology and Molecular Disgnostic Lab gave his test report as positive, he quarantined himself at a hotel for 14 days. “During the quarantine period, neither I got any phone call from district administration nor I took any medicines. I am surprised as how the test report of Dhruv Lab came positive whereas the two RT-PCR tests done at NMC’s centres were negative. My family was scared when my corona test report was given as positive by the private lab. I did not attend office for one month and joined only on September 4,” Sheikh lamented.

Shahid further said that when the RT-PCR tests are being done free of cost by government then why Dhruv Pathology and Molecular Disgnostic Lab is charging Rs 2200 from the patients. “Because of manipulative report of the private lab, I had to suffer a lot. The private lab hands over positive reports of 8 patients out of 10,” he charged.

Nagpur Today tried to contact all phone numbers of Dhruv Pathology and Molecular Disgnostic Lab for its version but there was no response.