Published On : Sat, Sep 16th, 2017

Pugaliya murder sends shockwaves around Nagpur Central Jail

Nagpur: The recent murder of inmate Ayush Pugaliya in the Nagpur prison has sent shockwaves among the fellow inmates. It has also alerted the prison administration to take necessary steps to avoid any such accident in the future. The prisoners are being served food and water in disposable plastic containers to debar there reach to any sharp object which could be used for violent motives.

Sooraj Kotnake, accused in the murder case, has been sent on a police remand till 25th of September. Dhantoli police is carrying a profound investigation in the matter. It is to be mentioned that he was sentenced to jail for murdering his uncle whom he had killed in the same way as that of Pugaliya.

The police are now trying to discover from where the accused had an access to the object used to slit the victim. “

Yogesh Desai, DIG, Dhantoli Police Station has informed Nagpur Today that it is a serious case. “Considering the seriousness of the matter, we have started the investigation. We are also being assietd by the Jail administration”, said Desai. “We are assuming that the accused must have had a broken piece of any rusted utensil which he would have used to commit the crime. We are serving the food and water in disposable plastic plates and glasses to avoid this in future. However, food cannot be cooked without utensils. Thus, we are being extra cautious”, he added.

Fear in ‘Anda Cell’
As informed by the sources, there was a sense of fear among the prisoners. The accused was thus, transferred to the ‘Anda Cell’ which created a panic there as well.

Police trying to figure out the whole issue:
The police is now investigating on various aspects of the case. The most important concern is to find out that from where Kotnake found the object used for murder. It is also being tried to disclose if any other inmate was involved in the crime.

No relative has approached to meet Kotnake
Dinesh Shende from Dhantoli Police Station informed that the accused and victim were not much in contact with each other. After the disclosure of matter, no relative has arrived in the prison to meet the accused. It is to be mentioned that even earlier, nobody had ever approached to meet him.

High Security in jail
The police has deployed extra tight security in the prison to avoid any further chaos. Extra forces have also been deployed. Accused in the murder of Kush Kataria, Sooraj Kotnake, after arrested from Nagpur Central Jail and brought to Dhantoli Police station for interrogation.