Published On : Sat, Nov 8th, 2014

Provisional Admission Scam: Varsity officials, students voice against unjust practice

RTM-Nagpur-University-scamNagpur: A big foul game of many of the city engineering colleges has been exposed recently in which many such colleges were found selling provisional admission to the students who have not cleared previous papers, at the cost of full fees, only to deal a big blow to the students in the later course. These students are not allowed to take up examination for next year, because they could not clear the previous papers. Only thing they get is end up losing the entire academic year fees.

Nagpur Today on November 6 published a news article in this regard, in which it was revealed how colleges are cashing on at the cost of students’ future.

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According to RTMNU Ordinance No 6 of 2010, unless the students clear all the subjects of the first year, he or she is not eligible to take admission in the next class. The colleges should adhere to this rule/ordinance.

Nagpur Today spoke to some of the past senior officials of RTMNU and Students Wing of political parties to ascertain what is right and where is it going wrong causing students to undergo innumerable hassles.

Former Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Mahesh Yenkie said that colleges must follow the RTMNU Ordinances strictly. According to Ordinance 6 of 2010, if the student is eligible then only, he should be given admission. Once he clears the subjects and is eligible to sit in the next semester, should the student be charge regular fees.

Vice President of Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Maharashtra Nidhi Kamdar while speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today said she is working out along with some activists of BJYM to find out an amicable solution to this issue of provisional admissions. They will be approaching the Chancellor of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, the Governor of Maharashtra C Vidhyasagar Rao to make some amendments in the Ordinance 6 of the 2010 in favour of the students. She was of the opinion that there has to be final settlement and a solution to all the problems faced by the students. This should not continue, for it has been a long time that many pending issues keep continuing year after year, for ages. There has to a stop to such practices. She also opined that the onus lies with both the Authorities of RTMNU as well as of the Engineering Colleges.

ABVP Nagpur Media-Co-Ordinator Abhijeet Wadnere said Nagpur University should take action against colleges giving such admissions against the Ordinances.

Many Engineering College Students on condition of anonymity, told Nagpur Today of myriad complications which a student has to face when he or she is exposed to simple process of “Revaluation”, “ATKT”, “Jumping” etc. To begin with the Teachers in many colleges are not trained or qualified to even teach. (They alleged that they were one or two years their seniors n some cases). Then there are innumerable mistakes and follies committed by the colleges and RTMNU officials in the Examination Admission Card or Hall Tickets. On many occasion, the hall tickets are issued on one day prior to the examinations. After this, the examination takes place. Then depending on the pass or failure of the student, the results are declared. There again they have many follies and errors committed by varsity.

After that the RTMNU does not have valuers who can check papers on time. This too causes delay. After that the results are declared which is often very very late. The revaluation results not coming on time is one of the main bones of contention in this issue. The delay in declaring the results in-turn causes many other related hurdles. The University administration has been claiming to bring about reforms in the revaluation system, which is favourable to the students. However, the delay in introducing such reforms too causes innumerable hassles which has been prolonging for many years now. The students claimed that there are many reasons for delay in revaluation results but the more sooner something is done on it, better will be the outcome.