Published On : Sat, Dec 2nd, 2017

“Promises are to be kept Mr Narendra Modi”

kya hua tera wada
Nagpur: A 28-year old youth, Awadoot Gaikwad, resident of Arni is on his way to Wadnagar in Gujarat to remind Prime Minister Narendra Modi of his promises which he made during his visit to Vidarbha before the last election. He started on his bicycle from Dabhadi in Yavatmal district. This is the same village where during the Lok Sabha elections Modibhad addressed a meeting and promised farmers to change their fate once the BJP comes to power. Awadoot has put a banner on his cycle with Modi’s photo and a slogan written “Kya hua tera wada”. It may be mentioned that Awadoot will try to Narendra Modi’s mother. He would be handing over the Xerox copies of farmers’ pass book.

According to Awadoot, Modi had made lot of promises to the farmers during his “chai pe charcha’ at Dabhadi village. Modi has completed three years as Prime Minister but there is no relief for the farmers of Yavatmal, which is famous for farmers’ suicides. Modi had assured the farmers 50 per cent extra rate for their produce compared to the amount spent on production, textile mill in the cotton growing area, 15 lakh to each person after getting black money back to the country. On Prime Minister’s assurance people had opened accounts under the Jandhan Yojana but, not a single rupee has been received.

Awadoot will hand over the passbooks copies to Modi’s mother. According to him everbody’s mother is great and he is sure that Modi’s mother would bring to his notice. He says he does mean to hurt her.

Awadoot is a coolie. He does not have a cycle of his own but one of the persons in the village has lent him on which he has started off.