Published On : Fri, Sep 21st, 2018

Prof Tayewade revers Lord Ganesha as Management Guru

A Guest Lecture of Prof.Ashish Taywade, a renowned Soft Skill Trainer & Management Guru of City was organized in Vidarbha Institute of Technology (VIT) on the occasion of Ganesha Festival. Prof.Ashish in a very spectacular way had related incorrigible glory of Lord Ganesha with Management Tips and real leadership simulations. According to him “A leader who adopts all the qualities from Lord Ganesha’s form will be a true Vignaharta to any business organization and all people associated with it”.

The audience was truly surprised by the magnum opus of literature of his speech as he described each holy body part of Lord Ganesha in an incredible way as: Big Head indicates a big brain, Small eyes is a sign of focus, Big Ears and small mouth give every thy ears, but few thy voice, Long Nose smell into the future, Small Feet often a small team of professionals has a large responsibility, Mouse as his vehicle it shows that Lord Ganesha has no egos.

Dr.Sanjay Uttarwar Principal VIT had also shared his firm believe about the fact that we all look upon Lord Ganesha to help us whenever we are in difficulty by praying to him. But in our professional life, where action has to be immediate, we cannot wait for the Lord to settle down things for us. It is here that his Holy form comes to our rescue. Each part of His body and everything associated with Him has a significance that can be related to our professional challenges.

Jitesh N. Maheshwari (Chairman, VIT), said, “I was totally astonished with the kind of his delivery and relevance” Dr. Pooja Maheshwari (Secretary, VIT) along with Dr. G.S. Natrajan (Director, VIT) and Dr. Sanjay S Uttarwar also appreciate the work of organizing committee.