Published On : Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

Probe into graft charges against suspended KTPS Security Officer comes under clouds

Koradi Thermal Power station
Shoddy affairs have come to the fore over suspension of KTPS Security Officer over corruption charges and also the investigation. During the recent inspection visit of Koradi Thermal Power Station by Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule, the Security Officer A S Shukla was suspended over corruption charges. Subsequently, a Departmental Enquiry was initiated against the tainted officer and the Superintending Engineer Dhude was given the responsibility of investigating the allegations. However, surprisingly, Dhude lacked the expertise in probing such a sensitive matter, it is learnt.

Interestingly, relations between Shukla and Dhude are in good terms. Hence, in order to save the skin of his “good friend” Shukla, the investigating officer Dhude has been found leaving no stone unturned to save the skin of his “good friend.” Dhude, slyly and cleverly, has drafted the set of questions to be asked during Departmental Enquiry. What is surprising is that the questions have been prepared by the suspended Security Officer Shukla himself, sources said. It clearly means that the enquiry has been “fixed” and therefore will not be transparent and just a show. If Shukla comes clean, way will be cleared for his reinstatement on the post.

All these dubious facts came to the notice of Mahadula-Koradi resident Suryabhan Thakre and he immediately drew attention of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis by sending him a letter. Thakre has demanded that the investigation into Shukla case should be done by an experienced official from other power station for the sake transparency.

According to Thakre, the KTPS Chief Engineer and his colleagues are involved in corrupt practices. Moreover, the Energy Minister Bawankule is well aware of the shady affairs but he deliberately turns a blind eye due to conflict of interests. The officers and contractor are directly or indirectly are linked with his family. Thakre has appealed the Chief Minister to stall the current investigation and hand it over to an experienced officials from outside Nagpur district so that guilty is punished.

Ironically, the suspended Security Officer Shukla still rules the roost in KTPS and is often seen sitting in his chamber for hours. The scanning of CCTV footage at main gate of KTPS would reveal the movement of Shukla as well as his dubious deeds, Thakre stated.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (

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