Principal Secretary (Agriculture) hears objections over demarcation of Prabhags


Nagpur: A fresh demarcation of Prabhags has been made for the Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections. The Prabhags headed by two representatives will henceforth be headed by four public representatives. With the new demarcation the areas falling in every Prabhag has become bigger. Many Corporators and candidates who are enthusiastic to contest the forthcoming Municipal Corporation elections had raised objections on the demarcation of Prabhags. On Tuesday, the November 8, 2016 a public hearing of the objections were held in the office of the District Collector. The complainants voiced their objection before Principal Secretary of Agriculture Department Vijay Kumar. Most of the Corporators and public representatives voiced their objections over the merging of new areas or removal of some areas from their Prabhags. The complaints claimed that the demarcations were not done properly and needs to be redone.

There were 52 objections over the demarcation of Prabhags. The Election Commission had received all these complaints and objections from many political parties. Chairman of NMC Standing Committee Sudhir Raut, Corporator Kishore Gajbhiye, Former Corporator Manoj Sable, Tanaji Banve, Dilip Pande from Congress party, Richa Jain and others had registered their protest over demarcation of Prabhags. Principal Secretary of Agriculture Department Vijay Kumar personally met each and everyone and gave a patient hearing to their objections and complaints. Principal Secretary of Agriculture Department Vijay Kumar has assured that he will be submitting his report in a few days to Election Commission.

Divisional Commissioner Anup Kumar, District Collector Sachin Kurve, Commissioner of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Shravan Hardikar, Additional Commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare were prominently present during the Public hearing.