Published On : Thu, Aug 15th, 2013
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Prince Tuli charges Yukta of adultery, cites as reason behind their broken marriage

Nagpur News: Former Miss India and actress Yukta Mookhey got married to Nagpur based Prince Tuli in November 2008. On May 16, 2013–a year after she moved back to Mumbai — he filed for divorce.

Recently, Yukta filed an FIR accusing Prince of domestic violence and unnatural sex. On Tuesday, Prince spoke his side of story to a Mumbai based newspaper Mumbai Mirror.

Here is the excerpt from the interview :

Yukta filed an FIR against you for domestic violence…

Also, she filed a case of dowry. What my mother and sister are suffering as a consequence of the FIR is not short of domestic violence. My mom is a cancer patient. Yet, she has to fly down from Nagpur twice a week to report at the police station.

But what about the allegation?

I am not a violent person. I haven’t touched Yukta. Of course I touched her when I had sex with her, but not in the manner she is conveying to the world. She is a great scriptwriter. She is portraying me as the villain.

Why did the marriage fail?

Adultery was the reason. When I learnt about it, I told Yukta that we should part ways amicably. She pleaded for forgiveness. But my values did not allow me to continue with a relationship, which is contaminated with adultery.

Yukta’s FIR accuses you of unnatural sex…

That’s a very dirty allegation. I did not demand unnatural sex from her. Of course I did make love to her, but there was nothing ‘unnatural’ about it.

Was she a good wife?

(Laughs) What would you say of a partner who will shut you off for days after an argument? She would confine herself to a section on the 4-storey bunglow for as many as five days just because she thought that is the best way to punish me.

She says you condemned her for what she wore…

So? As a boyfriend and husband, I like my woman to look classy. And I couldn’t find that class.

Were you faithful to her?

Totally. My wife was an ex-Miss World! What more could I want?Here is a excert from the interview